There’s a reason people say that a well-made suit can stand the test of time, and that’s because it can be styled in such a variety of ways. One bespoke or impeccably tailored suit can be worn with a number of different accessories so that you create a new look every day, which is why investing in a suit made to fit your frame is so worthwhile. With just that one suit, you could opt for a different style every day of the week. Take a look at how you can wear the same suit seven different ways…

Go basic

Everyone owns a basic white or pale blue shirt and while it may seem a little dull, when paired with a beautifully made suit it can look both smart and sexy. If you’re looking to dress for a meeting, a crisp white shirt will do just the trick and with the collar undone you can even get away with looking smart enough without a tie.

Get colourful

You can jazz up any standard suit with a splash of bold colour, so if you’re looking to take your suit from day to night then just opt for a fuchsia or brightly coloured shirt. You’ll go from looking ready to work to ready for drinks and a party instantly while still being dressed appropriately for the office in your smart suit. You can also add a lightweight jumper under your jacket in a bold colour to stay warm, whilst also keeping it fun!

Opt for a pattern

If you wore your bright shirt on Thursday but are keen to still stand out from the crowd with effortless style on Friday then you could always choose a patterned shirt instead. The great thing about patterns is that it doesn’t matter what colour you go for, you could simply choose a very lightly patterned shirt if you’re feeling a little self-conscious and it will still differ from all your other looks.

Be cool and casual

When you’re stuck for something to wear and still want to make a good impression there’s no reason why you can’t wear the suit you’ve been wearing all week. There are plenty of ways to pull off a casual look while wearing a suit. For example, why not pair your suit with a plain coloured T-shirt instead of a shirt, or an open button shirt? You could even swap the trousers for jeans and wear your suit jacket over the tee to create a brand new, smart/casual look.

Layer up

David Beckham is a big fan of teaming a turtleneck jumper with his suit and there’s no reason why you can’t pull the look off, too. It’s the perfect look for when the weather’s a little nippier than usual and you’re keen to keep as warm as possible. You could wear it without a shirt or just underneath to create a look that’s different from every other day of the week.

Try a pocket square

Not a lot of men bother with pocket squares these days, but we predict that this year they are likely to make a pretty noticeable comeback. Just find a handkerchief in a colour or pattern that you like, learn how to fold it correctly and place it in your breast pocket before you leave for work and you’ll have created a new look with minimal effort!

Switch the tie

The first thing the majority of people notice on a man when he is wearing a suit is his tie. The more ties you have the more looks you can pull off, as a different tie style will make the suit appear different every time. Ties needn’t be an expensive purchase, as long as you look after them and store them carefully they should last you a long while. Why not mix it up and save certain ties for certain days?

There you have it, seven different ways to create seven different looks! If you’re starting to understand just how worthwhile an investment purchasing a gorgeous tailor-made suit can be, why not get in touch with one of our expert tailors today and arrange your first fitting today!

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