We’re all guilty of kicking off our shoes the moment we walk through the door, leaving them in the hallway for others to trample on, or to gather dust. So why are we so surprised when these shoes start to lose their colour or fall apart so quickly? A smart pair of well-kept shoes can really set off a tailored or made-to-measure suit, so it really is worth taking better care of our shoes if we want to look our best. But for those of you who do remove your shoes carefully when you get home, pop them straight into the cupboard and yet still suffer from shoes that simply don’t last as long as they should, perhaps there are few other tricks you could try. Take a look at some of our top tips on how to take better care of your shoes…

Keep an eye on your heels

Although it is women who are most likely to have problems with the thinner and more fragile heels of their shoes, men too need to take care of their heels. If you start to notice that your heels are wobbling or the leather or material is fraying, return to the shop in which you purchased them to see how they might be able to help, or take them to a heel repair shop, where the costs of repairing heels is usually fairly reasonable. It is also sensible for women to avoid wearing their favourite heels if they know they are likely to be dancing or walking for long periods of time – if not to protect your poor feet and legs, then to protect your heels!

Leave them to dry

If your shoes get wet for whatever reason, it is imperative that you let them dry out completely before storing them away. If you chuck your wet shoes into your cupboard immediately, it is likely that they will not dry properly, remaining wet for longer and damaging the material, or that they could go mouldy. This is also one of the main causes for smelly shoes, so if you want to avoid contracting feet infections or developing smelly feet, best to let them dry out completely before you wear them again.

Polish & clean your shoes

Polishing your leather shoes or cleaning your shoes of other materials on a regular basis will not only help to protect them from excessive use and weather, but also help keep them looking as good as new! You’d be surprised at what a little bit of polish can do to a leather shoe, especially if you have a rather nasty scuff you’d like to cover. As long as you find the right colour polish, apply generously and you’ll find that you are able to cover the mark up completely.

Get new laces & soles

More often than not, it’s your laces that will make your shoes look tired and worn. You could try washing them separately, but it is worthwhile simply purchasing a new pair to really bring your shoes back to life. If the soles of your shoes are wearing away, you might want to consider sending them off to be re-soled. If they are expensive, this is likely to be a great deal cheaper than buying a brand new pair!

Give them support

When storing your shoes, you should always fill the toes with shaped moulds or soft tissue in order for them to be able to retain their shape when you are not wearing them. This will also help to prevent them from being squashed among your other shoes in the cupboard. Ideally, keep them in the box you purchased them in so as to protect them from other shoes – heaven forbid they touch your running trainers!

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