Choose a pattern

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Create pattern

We sit down for an initial consultation to discuss your style preferences and what will make a perfect suit for you. There are many more options available to you with a bespoke suit, the limit is your imagination.

We then create a new pattern just for you, no base patterns meaning we cater for every nuance of your body shape.

Hundreds of fabrics

Once you are happy with the style selected we choose the cloth from one of hundreds on offer. We’ll gently guide you through this process, using our experience and eye to help choose the right cloth for the type of suit that you desire

Thousands of fabrics

Once we have chosen the perfect type of suit and style, we help you choose a cloth from a selection of thousands, the sky is really the limit. From traditional Irish linens to feather-light Italian worsteds. We’ll use our years of experience to guide you to the right cloth in terms of how they drape and wear.

Customise the usual options

After choosing the style and cloth, it’s time to start customising all the options available including buttons, pocket style, vent options, trouser pleats, cuffs, interior linings and much more. You can really achieve any kind of look for your tailored suits that you’re after.

Customise anything

There are no limitations on options for a bespoke suit. You can let your imagination run wild and craft your own unique garment that will last a lifetime. It is the peak of sartorial precision.

Measure and fit

After choosing the style and cloth, we then take a wide variety of measurements and figuration details from your entire body to create the perfect fit. If your style is a more streamlined slim fit we’ll measure you and draft the design accordingly. The suit then gets made and you return 6-8 weeks later for your final fitting. At this stage we make any appropriate adjustments if required, and we do not allow your suit to leave until it is the perfect fit for you.

Measure, check, fit, check, fit...

Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during the creation of your suit. This is where Bespoke tailoring truly differs, as the tailor will measure and take notes on your stance, build, posture and all the little nuances in the drop of your shoulder, your back and anything that catches their eye. Each fitting builds on top of the last to achieve a more precise and perfect suit. Buying bespoke tailored suits is the ultimate clothing experience. Please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for this service.

Jonathan Spooner