About tailoring

When people ask what the difference is between bespoke tailoring and Made-to-Measure, we say it’s like comparing a Jaguar with a Bentley. Both are amazing quality cars, but one is primarily made by machine and the other by hand.

The term made-to-measure refers to garments that made from a standard-sized base pattern but are adjusted accordingly to fit each customer’s individual requirements. An off the peg suit, for example, is based upon the manufacturers definition of an “average customer” (if there is such a thing), whilst a bespoke suit is made entirely from scratch by hand. Made-to-measure provides an affordable bridge for those who value the comfort, fit and style of tailored garments, without incurring the premium costs of a handmade bespoke service.


In 30 years of buying suits I have never found a better mens tailors than Hemingway.
Their expertise will always point a client towards the most flattering cut and fit.

Jonathan Spooner