While we place a lot of our attention on beautifully tailored suits, flawless shoes and the rest of the accessories that make up most formal looks – we don’t often discuss socks. Sounds a little odd yes, but your socks are still very much a part of your look so why shouldn’t they also be given some thought.

With trousers lengths shortening more than ever before, and a greater number of men opting to cuff their trousers, socks are becoming increasingly visible and as such play a more significant role in bringing an outfit together. We’ve looked at what you need to consider when selecting which socks to wear.


In many cases, the socks you opt for will be determined by your outfit. There are 3 key factors within your outfit that you’ll need to keep in mind.

1. Trousers

The general rule of thumb when it comes to socks is that they should match your trousers. Many people are often misinformed in this case and tend to match them to their shoes. While this might make sense at first thought, visualising the 2 looks will make it clear for anyone with an eye for style that socks complimenting the trousers provide a better look.

If you want to go the extra mile with your socks then you can also choose to coordinate them with items such as your tie or pocket square. Keep the design of your socks simple (such as spots or stripes) and match the odd colour from your chosen accessory.

2. Shoes

Not only should you consider the style of your shoes, but also the fit of them and how they feel on your foot. While we all want to look good, fashion should also be practical in terms of comfort – so opt for socks that provide this taking your shoes into account. For example, if you find yourself wearing tight shoes then steer clear of heavily textured socks which can add a considerable amount of girth onto your foot. Similarly, consider the thickness of your socks in various climates to ensure that they provide the upmost comfort.

Now the style of your shoes also warrants some attention as different sock styles will certainly prove to suit different shoes. Casual footwear such as trainers allow you to get as creative as you please with your socks. However smarter shoes require a little more care.

Low riding footwear such as loafers are ideal for going sockless if you’re feeling bold enough. It’s a look which has grown in prominence and while you might want to leave it for the warmer months, it will instantly add a stylish edge to your look if done with confidence.

3. Quality of suit

Your socks should also be in line with the quality of the suit you’re wearing. If you’re attending a black-tie event in a dinner suit then opt for cashmere and silk socks. Failing to keep your socks up to par with your suit will ultimately make them an eye sore when they do grab people’s attention, and will ultimately take away from your look.

The Occasion

While socks might not be the first thing people take notice of, they will at some point during an event and so wearing a pair appropriate to the occasion is important. Here’s how to judge your sock selection for a range of events.

1. Funerals

With funerals being such sombre events, you’re best served playing it safe and opting for socks that match the occasion. Keep them simple and muted (black in most cases) since the whole point is to show respect and refrain from standing out of the crowd.

2. Weddings

While your wedding dress will be dictated by your overall theme, if you’re going for a traditional elegant feel then keep your socks in line with this and opt for a pair similar to your trousers. On the other hand, if you have a slightly quirkier feel to the day and are open to looks which are a little bolder then by all means find yourself a pair of socks that’ll stand out.

3. Business

Business dress should typically remain simple and sophisticated. If you’re wanting to put across a professional image then you won’t want to go for bright socks. The light-hearted nature of them could lead to people not taking you as seriously which will work against you in important meetings. Day to day office wear on the other might be a little more forgiving however this is very much dependant on the culture within your workplace.

That should give you a better idea on which socks to wear and more importantly, when to wear them. don’t worry if you’re more on the reserved side with your fashion, playing it safe with a plain pair of socks is better than get it all wrong. Also don't forget to take a look and shop our range of socks.

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