In the winter months, it can be easy to prioritise comfort over style. But now you don’t have to; stay as cool and crisp as the weather, with the key elements of any gentleman's wardrobe. 

Accessories don’t need to be frumpy and as well as maintaining an adequate temperature they can also be used to enhance an outfit. Here at Hemingway, we think accessories are just as important as apparel which is why we have listed a complete guide to all of the key accessories and garments every man should own.

These garments complete a look and regardless of age, frame, and lifestyle, suit every stylish man. There will be occasions where you will thank yourself for investing in these high-quality, listed articles. As, the saying goes “quality is long remembered after the price is forgotten”.


A jumper is a fundamental piece of apparel in winter, but it can be tricky finding a piece of knitwear that fits well with your daily formal-wear. You want something that slots in with your current rotation, but not so much that it becomes forgettable. 

Hemingway has a luxurious range of men's jumpers that come in a wide array of colours, made in a choice of indulgent, lightweight merino wool, delicately soft, warm lambswool or luxurious fine merino wool and cashmere blend.

People often associate men’s knitwear with a misshapen frumpy layer, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Stay warm yet stylish with a well-fitted garment. 


It’s one of the most important parts of the body, but it’s often forgotten about when it comes to dressing. Your head is shelter to the most significant organ and deserves to be protected by high-class headwear. 

It’s not a myth that you lose most of your body’s heat through your head, so it is in your best interest to keep the top of your face and ears warm. At Hemingway, we would complement any good suit with a sharp Fedora or traditional herringbone flat cap. 


There’s something intrinsically stylish and comforting about a scarf, it is an accessory that enhances any winter outfit. Scarves are an accessory everyone can agree on and they can be used to ramp up an otherwise simple outfit. 

Wrap up in a Hemingway scarf and choose between 100% lambswool or 100% cashmere, the materials your skin can truly appreciate. Our scarves are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.


The best investment during the coldest seasons is a good pair of gloves. Keep the chills at bay, with some heat-retaining, smart leather gloves. When it is cold and wet outside, a budget pair of cotton gloves just won’t suffice. 

Hemingway’s range of men's leather gloves are produced by Dents of Warminster, who have nearly 240 years' experience in making handmade fine leather gloves in contemporary styles. Leather gloves are a classic accessory for any gentleman in the cooler months and are versatile enough to complement both formal and casual outfits. 

Tailored Coat

As with our suits, there is a plethora of fabrics to choose from with tailored coats, including light and heavy weight tweeds to a range of Herringbone and Plain wools. Our expert tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the size and figuration is perfect and he can also guide you through the cloth and personalisation options available.

Tailored overcoats are a wonderful investment because they will complete your look, stylishly protect you from the elements during those winter months and, if looked after, a tailored coat will last you for years.

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