Men's bespoke tailoring

We start with you and then make a suit to fit

Hand-crafted to you and you only

Bespoke tailoring is the original and ultimate experience in clothing. There is simply nothing quite like wearing a bespoke garment and our service showcases top quality British tailoring in its finest form. Predominantly hand-made, it takes a minimum of 55 hours to create our bespoke suits.

Bespoke suits are measured and made for your specific body type, taking into consideration all the nuances of your body and gait. The bespoke tailor’s eye is born out of years of experience, and the suit is hand-crafted to you and only you. It is a completely hand-crafted process from start to finish.

Made for you

We sit down for an initial consultation to discuss your style preferences and what will make a perfect suit for you.

There are many more options available to you with a bespoke suit, the limit is your imagination.

We then create a new pattern just for you, no base patterns meaning we cater for every nuance of your body shape


Our bespoke tailoring service

Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during the creation of your suit.

This is where Bespoke truly differs from Made-to-Measure, as our tailor will measure and take notes on your stance, build, posture and all the little nuances in the drop of your shoulder, your back and anything that catches their eye.

Buying bespoke tailored suits is the ultimate clothing experience. Please allow a minimum of 12 weeks for this service. Our Bespoke suit range starts from £3,495.


Bespoke suits

Most people consider using a tailor when they are looking for a 2 piece or 3 piece suit. This is because there is so much to consider and an expert tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the cloth, size and figuration is perfect.

With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact size and figuration. The comfort of a tailored suit is unsurpassed, as is the confidence it can provide its wearer in knowing that they are looking at their absolute best


Bespoke shirts

When you are wearing Hemingway tailored shirts you know that you are looking your best – whether it is for business, leisure or a special occasion. Style, comfort and personality only truly come together in perfectly tailored garments and stylish tailored shirts can certainly finish off your look.

Hemingway offer a fantastic range of ready to wear, made to order or bespoke tailored shirts, all of which are twin needle stitched and of the finest quality


In 30 years of buying suits I have never found a better mens tailors than Hemingway.
Their expertise will always point a client towards the most flattering cut and fit.

Jonathan Spooner

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