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Hemingway tailor suits in a wide variety of cloths of various weights so that you can build a
stylish wardrobe of garments for all the seasons. However, when the depths of winter approach
and the temperatures plummet, we would always recommend investing in a beautifully
tailored overcoat to complete your look.

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As with our suits, there is a plethora of fabrics to choose from with tailored coats, including light and heavy weight tweeds to a range of Herringbone and Plain wools.  Our expert tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the size and figuration is perfect and he can also guide you through the cloth and personalisation options available. 

Tailored overcoats are a wonderful investment because they will complete your look, stylishly protect you from the elements during those winter months and, if looked after, a tailored coat will last you for years.

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Mens Tailored coats
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The Master Tailor

Simply put Hemingway are purveyors of luxury tailored clothing. Using traditional tailoring methods, we produce a range of bespoke and made to measure garments, including suits, waistcoats, overcoats and shirts, all of which are contemporary, perfectly fitted and of exceptional quality and value. Hemingway Tailors has been stylishly dressing its impressive global client portfolio since 2005. 
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"Buying from Hemingway Tailors was an absolute joy.  Not only was the whole process really easy, but I have ended up with a perfectly fitting outfit that is unique to me."
Sarah Johnson