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Beautifully crafted bespoke shoes
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At Hemingway, although tailoring is the bedrock of our business, we appreciate that having a beautifully fitting tailored suit is not the be-all and end-all of looking stylish.  Unless you have the accompanying finishing touches to complement the suit itself the overall image can be lost.  The right shoes are critical to achieving the impact desired which is why Hemingway has introduced its range of bespoke footwear.
Using traditional methods, our custom made shoes are made entirely by hand to your specific size and styling preferences.  You really are starting with a blank canvas so you can create a collection of shoes that ensure every single suit, or alternative outfit, is finished off stylishly.

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Hemingway uses only the finest leathers for its bespoke shoe range, from horse leather to Horween, Baby Buffallo, Shell Cordavan, Tomahawk and Horween Latigo and although alternative methods are available we recommend hand welting your shoes as it guarantees a much longer lifespan to your shoes.  All of our shoes are sewn by a fine cotton called hemp, which is hand rolled and waxed for strength.  All of our soles are made from English oak bark which has been aged by 12 months and is prepared by soaking and rolling through a press.  Once the soling process is complete we begin the process of boning – which ultimately results in the finish of your soles.  All of our bespoke welted work is then hand finished using ancient traditions to create the beautiful finished product.

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An initial consultation at our Leeds head office will measure your size, gait and any issues that you currently experience with your footwear (we will even make foot casts for trickier shaped feet).  We can talk you through the myriad of different styles and options and advise on colours and styles to go with the key lynchpins of your wardrobe.  Once you have decided on the style that you would like the process of creating your shoes begins.  The whole process can be expected to take around 12 weeks, with an intermediate fitting appointment required around 6 weeks through the process.  Our bespoke shoes service starts from £2650. 

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Handcrafted bespoke shoes

Handcrafted suit

Bespoke suits

Most people consider using a tailor when they are looking for a 2 piece or 3 piece suit.  This is because there is so much to consider and an expert tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the cloth, size and figuration is perfect.  

With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact size and figuration.  The comfort of a tailored suit is unsurpassed, as is the confidence it can provide its wearer in knowing that they are looking at their absolute best.

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Handcrafted shirt

bespoke shirts

When you are wearing Hemingway tailored shirts you know that you are looking your best – whether it is for business, leisure or a special occasion. Style, comfort and personality only truly come together in perfectly tailored garments and stylish tailored shirts can certainly finish off your look.

Hemingway offer a fantastic range of ready to wear, made to order or bespoke tailored shirts, all of which are twin needle stitched and of the finest quality.

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