Mens Leather Belt Size Guide

The majority of manufacturers typically measure the length from where the belt folds at the buckle end to the middle hole at the other end of the belt. Although you may think that your trouser size should be the same as your belt size, this isn't necessarily always the case. There are two additional ways to measure your belt size: by direct measurement and by comparing it with your trouser waist size.

Direct measurement:
Take a flexible measuring tape and thread it through your trousers loops as you would with any belt. Take note of your waist and hip circumference and add two inches (five centimetres) to determine the appropriate size of your belt.

Comparing with your trouser waist size:
This method is less accurate than directly measuring your waist and hips, but generally works well enough for men's belts. The key is using a well fitting pair of trousers to measure against. Taking note of the size and adding two inches (five centimetres) will enable you to determine the most appropriate belt size for you.

Whichever method you choose, taking measurements is the most accurate way to find the right belt size.

To check your size for our men's leather belts, please use the conversion chart below:
Waist size Small  Medium Large  X Large  XX Large  XXX Large 
Centimetres  79 - 84 cm 86 - 91 cm  94 - 99 cm 102 - 107 cm 109 - 114 cm 116 - 112 cm
Inches 31 - 33 in 34-36 in 37 - 39 in 40 - 42 in 43 - 45 in 46 - 48 in