Wardrobe Detox

How & Where To Shop
make way for style with hemingway's wardrobe detox
What prevents most people from going out and updating their wardrobe is how much they already have and, in some circumstances, how little it is worn.  Hemingway’s Wardrobe Detox is a brilliant solution to getting organised and sorting through what is right for you, what can be restyled and what needs updating.  You will be left with a beautifully sorted and colour coordinated space.
wardrobe detox for men

How it works 

The session will inform you how to shop, where to shop and will highlight where you have previously been going wrong (to stop making the same mistakes again).  Every single item in your wardrobe will be reviewed – every garment, shoe and accessory.  Everything will be assessed to show how different combinations can make new outfits and you will be advised on what key purchases are needed to create a complete collection which is more flexible and can work a lot harder for you.

Your stylist will demonstrate how to update your image and you will leave the review with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism that no matter what the occasion you have something stylish to wear!

What Our Customers Say 

“Suzanne has completely revolutionized my attitude to clothes. When she gave me A Wardrobe Detox I was left with about 20 ‘new’ outfits that I would never in a million years have put together from my existing clothes”

A Wardrobe Detox is anything up to 4 hours and photos of your outfit combinations will be taken and emailed to you for reference. Cost is £395 + travel expenses (outside of Leeds & London). 

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