Special Occasion

Your Ultimate Outfit
Hemingway’s Special Occasion Styling service is perfect for those who have a major event on the horizon and just don’t know where to start.  It could be a wedding, a party, a presentation you are giving, an awards ceremony or a major corporate event.  
Whatever the occasion, when there is a large gathering of peers and important contacts you want to make sure you are looking and feeling your best.  We know that if you feel that you are looking your best and feel special, then you will also feel comfortable, confident and relaxed. 
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special occasion styling

How it works

Our stylists will work closely with you to understand any theme to the event, how you want to look and feel and provide honest impartial advice on how you can achieve your ultimate outfit.  Leave the sourcing of the outfit to us.  You can relax as we will explore shops, designers, fabric shops and vintage stores to provide you with a perfect blend of choice and focus.  Your personal stylist can also be available for any fittings if required. 

The cost of this service is £495 for 6 hours with a charge of £95 per hour for any fittings or pick ups, a small price to pay for looking fantastic and enjoying the occasion.

What our customers say

“Shopping for a very special event is a nightmare – and a frock horror is often the result. Using Suzanne was not only the most time effective shopping ever but the most cost effective. I have never received so many compliments as on that night or felt so fabulous. I will never do free-range shopping again.”

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