Personal Shopping

Change the Way You Look at Yourself
Hemingway tailors Personal shopping Service
Hemingway’s personal shopping service, in conjunction with Suzanne Bernie and Philippa Morgan Walker, is an experience which will not only leave you looking your best, but also feeling your best. Cost for the Personal Shopping Experience is £495 for a full day (6 hours) or £395 for a ½ day (3.5 hours) with additional hours available at £95 per hour (+ travel expenses outside of Leeds or London). 
personal shopping consultation


A detailed personal review is required prior to the day itself so that your stylist can compile a personal profile of you in terms of both your business and social lifestyle, your personality type and your personal preferences.  This profiling will also include reviewing a full length photograph of yourself to get a better understanding of sizing, shape and colour prior to the day (so that it is as time-effective as possible).  At this point we would also look at your personal objective from the day – whether it be a range of outfits for work, a more social selection, or a mix of the both.  All of this groundwork allows your Personal Stylist to research the best stores and collections before the day itself.

What To Expect

The day itself will be spent with Suzanne or Philippa visiting the carefully selected shops to try your hand picked collections and getting some honest and friendly advice (they are both from Yorkshire after all).  You will learn all the secrets to perfect accessorising and how to find the perfect individual balance that conveys YOU. A personal shopping experience will change the way you look at yourself and clothing, enabling you to truly represent what you aspire to be. 

personal shopping