As the end of the year draws closer, the much-awaited GQ Best Dressed Male list has been announced. This year readers have once more had their say and with the votes being tallied up in November, the lucky man to be handed the coveted title for 2016 has been confirmed as Zayn Malik.
The former One Direction member has had a huge year having taken his first steps in his solo career to finding himself coupled with one of the most recognisable faces in modelling in the form of Gigi Hadid. So, having gone from strength to strength in his personal and professional life – what is it about Zayn’s looks which have helped him capture his most recent accolade and end the year on a high?
We’ve looked at what helped Zayn capture the award below.

Looks for all occasions

A particular area where we’ve seen Zayn flourish has been in his ability to switch seamlessly between casual and smart looks. His day to day wear is made up by the likes of caps, bomber jackets and high top trainers – a far cry from the attire he’s seen in when attending notable events where you’re more likely to catch him in finely tailored suits.
There are a few aspects of his smarter looks which have helped him not only stand out from the crowd but to a degree, also create his own look. Here’s are the distinguishing factors of his outfit choices.

Suiting to his body shape

This is something we place a massive onus on at Hemingway as dressing in accordance to your body shape will ultimately make or break your look. The simple fact is that we’re all built differently and so different styles of clothing certainly suit different body types. Zayn’s tailored suits have ensured that time and time again hit outfit is fitted to perfection.

Double breasted jackets

Go back 5 years and double breasted jackets were starting to make their come back into mainstream fashion. Since then we’ve seen their staggered re-emergence unfold, however, for the most part single breasted suits have remained the widely preferred choice. As a result of this the striking look offered by the double-breasted suit really helps to make it stand out and Zayn’s favourability towards it has seen him put together some memorable looks on multiple occasions.

Under layering

Another aspect of Zayn’s dress which helps him stand out is his openness to switch up his choice of what he wears under his suit. While many might play it safe and stick to wearing a plain shirt, we’ve seen Zayn’s refusal to shy away from trying something different – in particular roll neck sweaters. This has become somewhat of a trademark look for him, and while he isn’t averse to teaming up a suit with an elegant plain shirt or even one with a bold design, the roll neck sweater look we’ve seen him pull off oozes class.

Understated sophistication

Sometimes less is more, and this bodes true for many of Zayn’s looks. While his laid back day to day looks are often eye catching enough, his smarter looks certainly hold an air of simplicity. Take for instance his black on black ensemble which he wore to support Gigi Hadid during the Tom Ford NYFW event. He teamed up a black double breasted suit with a black roll neck sweater. While simple in its design, it was a look which also caught the eye.
With Gigi Hadid by his side and a flourishing solo career looking set to take off, the young man from Bradford has the world at his feet – and with his profile being built so quickly we’re sure we’ll be seeing him continue to serve up a suiting masterclass in 2017.

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