Black doesn’t always have to be boring. There are endless shirt and tie combinations that go well with a black suit if you’re looking to inject some colour into your outfit.

One of the most common and versatile suit colours, black goes well with anything, making it almost impossible to get the suit and tie combination wrong.

However, the only way you can really mess up your look with a black suit is if it doesn’t fit properly, which is why it is important to get your suit tailored by a professional tailor such as ourselves at Hemingway.

Although a classic white shirt with a black suit and tie is a very popular look among men, there are ways that you can experiment with colour and patterns without going too over-the-top.

No matter what the occasion may be, don’t be afraid to mix up your style and try different colours and patterns…

Light blue shirt and navy tie

A blue shirt is ideal to wear with a black suit to inject colour into your look without being too daring. If you’re going for this look, opt for a lighter blue shirt as dark blue may clash with the black suit. Pairing this with a navy tie gives off a formal vibe whilst adding personality to your look, which is ideal for when you’re in the office or heading out to that meeting.

Grey shirt and red tie/dark grey tie

If you’d rather stick with a neutral shirt colour, grey is a perfect choice to go for. Depending on what colour grey your shirt is, however, all depends on the colour of tie. For example, if you have a dark grey shirt then go for a more jewel tone of tie, such as a deep red. This goes well together as the neutral tone of the shirt contrasts well against the coloured tie. If your shirt is a light grey, you could even go for a dark grey tie.

Pink shirt and stripy tie

This is a more dressy look for an occasion such as a wedding or christening, but pairing a pale pink shirt with a pink striped tie gives off a classy, elegant look. A lot of men try and avoid pink as they feel it gives off a feminine vibe, but trend experts say that pink is the new ‘it’ colour for men at the moment. Keeping with the pastel look, pairing this with a white striped tie goes superbly well together.

Patterned shirt and block colour tie

If you’re wanting to really shake your look up, be bold and go for a patterned shirt. Stay away from patterned shirts with bright colours in as this may look a bit too much with the pattern and colours together. Patterned shirts with dark or neutral colours are best, such as small polka dots, stripes or checks. To decide on a tie, choose one colour from your patterned shirt and find the best matching tie. Wearing patterns doesn’t have to look too much on the eyes but it can show subtle flair and personality.

All black - black shirt and black tie

For a really formal look, why not go for all black? Wearing a black shirt and tie with a black suit is a great way to pull off a sophisticated look. However, to make your outfit stand out a bit more you could go for a suit jacket that has a large, turned back collar going down the front and is a different material to the overall jacket. Subtle and original.

Wearing coloured shirts and ties with a black suit is something that you are probably familiar with already, however you can try bolder colours and patterns for something a little different. You don’t need to wait until you’ve got an event or occasion planned to buy shirts and ties to go with that black suit, you can experiment now and try a range of different colours, patterns and materials so that you’re well prepared before that wedding or office trip. Planning in advance will ensure you won’t succumb to last minute shopping and panic buying things that don’t suit well together, so you’ll be more clued up on the colours that will go best.

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