Hemingway Tailors produce made-to-measure suits for men and women alike, with clients based across the UK and around the world. We’ve established a great reputation for providing classic service and delivering modern style to our clients, with our unerring attention to detail and high levels of craftsmanship. Women’s tailoring is a significant chunk of our work, and given the poor quality and inconsistent fit of off-the-rack suits for women, it’s little surprise that more and more women are choosing to opt for tailored garments instead. Let’s explore how Hemingway Tailors create made-to-measure suits for women.

The beginnings

The made-to-measure tailoring process starts off with an initial consultation where we discuss your preferences and what type of occasion or setting you’d want to wear the suit in. For example, our tailors will recommend different fabrics if you want a lightweight suit for a summer wedding than if you’re after an everyday suit for the office. During your first consultation, it’s likely that you’ll try on a couple of suits to see how the fit might need to be adjusted based on your build, gait and desired fit.

Your options

Although we don’t offer a fully bespoke women’s tailoring service, our made-to-measure suits contain an almost endless scope for customisation. Here are some of the many choices you can make:

  • Fabric type and pattern.
  • Fit.
  • Lining colour/pattern.
  • Edge stitching thread colour.
  • Pocket flap design/concealment.
  • Vent, side vent or no vent
  • Button style/colour/material on waistcoat.
  • Pocket finish and number of pockets on waistcoat/suit/trousers.
  • Waistband style.
  • Pocket lining.
  • Half-lined or fully lined trousers.

If you’re unsure about any of these options, we’ll happily explain them to you in more detail and make recommendations where necessary.


Next, we’ll go away and adjust the pattern so that we can start creating your garment(s) to your exact specifications. This process will take at least a month, so contact us well in advance of any event you have planned where you’d like to wear your new suit.


Once we have the garment almost finished, a fitting will take place. You’ll get to try on your made-to-measure suit for the very first time, and see how it feels and fits. We’ll take notes about what needs fine-tuning, and take the suit away to carry out the necessary adjustments and finishing touches. We can also suggest additional accessories and extras such as cashmere scarves, shawls, throws and pins. Depending on the changes required, you may receive your made-to-measure suit within a week to a month. A second fitting will sometimes be required.


Your tailored suit is intended to be an investment – you’ll hopefully still be wearing it five or ten years from now. If at any point your suit could do with some aftercare, get in touch with Hemingway Tailors and we’ll make the necessary repairs for a small fee.

Women’s tailoring is a complex process that’s different for every garment. If you’re interested in receiving your very own Hemingway Tailors made-to-measure suit, book an appointment with our tailors today.  

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