As you may be aware, Hemingway offer the very best in tailoring for women specialising in a range of bespoke suits as well as individual garments including shirts, skirts, trousers and more. 

In one of our recent blogs, we explained how to wear a women’s suit which involved choosing the right type of suit and the different styles of individual garments to consider. Now that you know what styles to go for, we’re going to explain what the best shirt and suit colour combinations are for women and when you should wear these. 

However, it is important to remember to choose your colour combinations based on the type of event or occasion you are wearing the suit for. For example, you wouldn’t wear the same suit for work then for a wedding, even though these are both formal events. With this in mind, Hemingway have focused on work and leisure occasions, the two major categories when you would normally wear a suit, and put together the best shirt and suit colour combinations… 

Wearing a suit for work, interviews or networking events

If it is mandatory at your workplace to wear a suit, a lot of people often think of the classic combination of a black suit and white shirt. As we’re in the 21st century, this option comes across as a little dated. However, there are other options you can consider that won’t make you look like you’ve just stepped from the 1950’s that will add style, colour and sophistication to your look. 

Black suit and pastel blue shirt - As you simply cannot go wrong with a classic black suit for work, opt for a pastel blue shirt to inject some colour into your look whilst still sticking to the formal style. People often say that black goes with everything and this still applies when wearing a suit, bringing across class and sophistication. The pale blue shirt will instantly add some colour without losing the formal vibe and is perfect for work or a job interview.

Grey suit and white shirt - While we’re not saying don’t ever go for a white shirt in the office, pairing it with a grey suit, whether this is pale grey or charcoal grey, can also be a twist on the traditional black suit and white shirt. Grey and white still speaks business and can say ‘formal but stylish’ by veering away from the traditional black and white business look.

Navy blue suit and beige shirt - If you’re stepping away from the black suit but still want something that’s fairly dark, why not go for a navy suit instead? Believe it or not, there are so many different shades of navy from midnight, sapphire and Egyptian blue, so there are many tones to choose from. Pairing your navy suit with a beige shirt can instantly mix up your look and provides another great alternative to black and white.

Wearing a suit for weddings, parties and other formal events

For anything that isn’t work related and you’re wearing a suit, steer away from the dark colours and introduce something bright into your wardrobe. By bright however, we don’t mean neon green and luminous orange, we’re talking pastel tones and soft colours such as blue, lilac, pink and yellow. If you’re attending a spring or summer wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to wear something bright and fresh so don’t be afraid to try something a little different if you’re not used to wearing colour. 

Lilac or pastel blue suit with white shirt - Lilac and pastel blue are perfect for those warmer days without going overboard with the brightness. Again, there are many different tones of lilac and pastel blue to choose from and all of these will go well with a simple white shirt. Don’t try and mix up coloured suits with coloured shirts however, as this will lead to a disaster, so stick to a plain white shirt if your suit is brightly coloured.

Beige suit with cream shirt - If you want to stick with neutral colours but don’t want to go for black and white, try teaming a beige suit with a cream shirt. A beige suit is ideal for almost any formal event, and depending on what type of job you work in, you could even wear a beige suit for work. A cream shirt will make a nice yet subtle difference to a white shirt, yet will still look on-trend and formal at the same time. 

Pink with beige shirt - Pink is currently the new trend in womenswear, with warm rosy pinks and baby pinks becoming popular in formalwear. Again, there are multiple pinks you could go for, and all of these will look great teamed with a beige shirt. Pink and beige go really well together, so try this option if you’re wanting something that’s current and elegant.

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