While winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular for many couples, they can throw up a dilemma when it comes to dressing for them. The last thing any bride or groom wants is to be left uncomfortably cold at the altar. However, with the help of a few tips you can rest assured that you’ll not only look your very best, but also feel great on your big day.

Winter wedding essentials

Let’s start with the biggest concern with winter weddings – the weather! Now there’s always a threat of rain irrespective of which season you decide to tie the knot in the UK. However, you also have the added factor of a drop in temperature during the latter part of the year. So taking time to consider the best outfit for the day is crucial.

One of the biggest factors for your big day is staying comfortable. This will require you dressing warm enough to protect yourself from the cold but also not over doing it to the extent where you’ll end up working up a sweat. Additionally, you also need to consider the look itself, after all it’s not all about staying warm, you still need to look your very best. We’ve outlined some of our winter wedding essentials below.

#1: Easily removable layers

Layering up is probably the safest way to ensure you’re as comfortable as you need to be. If your wedding is in Autumn then you might not need too much in the way of extra layers. A wedding in the midst of winter on the other hand and you might want to consider wrapping up.

Additional garments such as a classy scarf can suffice in getting you to the venue and can be removed once inside. We’ve also seen brides wear faux-fur capes which once more don’t look out of place at a winter wedding and can really provide an elegant touch to your outfit.

#2: Warm muted tones

Setting the tone of the wedding doesn’t necessarily end with the décor. Your outfit can also play a major role. Settling for warm muted tones can help to not only keep your look in line with the rest of the wedding, but also complete the look and feel of the event on the whole. 

Great suit colours for winter weddings include dark shades of grey, champagne and brown. You can even go so far as opting for a maroon shade for your suit if you’re feeling adventurous. If you’re concerned that a muted shade of suit will prevent you from standing out, then we recommend you add a striking dash of colour with your tie or pocket square.

#3: Materials

The material of your clothing is crucial in ensuring you’re dressed approximately for the time of year. While summer weddings are often associated with breathable fabrics such as linen, we’d recommend opting for something a little more protective. The likes of tweed, wool and flannel are all great choices to keep out the cold.

In the case of a rustic themed wedding, we’d recommend going for tailored tweed suit over the other 2 fabrics mentioned above as it’ll provide a great fit with the theme of the wedding. Don’t worry about it not looking formal enough for you as a groom. Tweed is now very much a chic fabric, and when teamed up in a 3-piece suit can create a really tasteful look.

So there you have a few ideas on what to consider when putting together your winter wedding outfit. Remember to dress for the weather, but also keep in mind the look and feel you want to achieve.

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