If you have ever had the dilemma of liking a stylish designer suit which doesn't fit very well it leaves you wondering whether you should go for style or comfort? Many clothes lovers and fashion aficionados on a limited budget would go for style and sacrifice comfort.

However, the answer is that you can achieve both, and at a lower price than your off-the-peg retail suit.

Yes, Bespoke suits are the ultimate in style and comfort and are carefully handmade – thus the accompanying price tag, but a Made to Measure suit (which is machine made) will fit you exactly the same, offering a stylish and comfortable alternative. And with prices starting at around £550, when compared with similar quality designer high street options, made-to-measure suits offer fantastic value for men's and women's suits.

Undoubtedly, a made to measure suit will last you many more years than an off the peg item – whether it will last a lifetime will depend on how well you look after it, whether you buy additional pairs of trousers (as these will show signs of wear long before the jacket does) and your own changing body shape (something beyond a tailor’s control).

However to prolong the ‘fashionable’ lifetime of your suit, stick to the classic options – a block colour such as charcoal or navy blue and a conservative cut for the jacket – a 2 or 3 button option would be best. You can still add your personality with details such as the lining, buttons, pockets etc.

To find out more about owning a made-to-measure suit and how the process works please enquire here  - if you book an appointment with us before Christmas we will also make you a second pair of trousers or skirt absolutely free!

Hemingway Tailors offer a visiting tailor service  meaning you don't need to take time out from your busy schedule to have your suit fitted, we will come to you at your convenience.

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