When most people think of quality tailoring, they invariably think of London and Savile Row. While Savile Row is famed the world over for the quality of its tailoring, it isn’t the only place in Britain with a flair for fabric. Leeds has a tailoring history all of its own, and if you’re looking for a high quality made-to-measure or bespoke suit then we’d recommend making Leeds your next port-of-call. So why should you choose a Leeds Tailor? Read on to find out.

A rich history

London’s Savile Row can trace its tailoring heritage back to the late 18th century, but Leeds can do better than that. The Leeds wool trade took off during the 16th century, when the town still had a population a little over four figures. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries Leeds began to industrialise with canals and railways, helping to spread the town’s quality woollen goods across the UK. Leeds was soon an export hub for wool. Leeds was renowned for its tailoring by the late 19th century, and enjoyed a golden age from the start of the 20th century onwards. Montague Burton’s factory in the city employed 10,000 people.

Proud local businesses

Leeds’ rich tailoring history has meant that there are a number of proud old businesses still trading in the city today. Our tailor Toby Luper can trace his own personal tailoring history back more than 90 years. Toby’s grandfather was a master tailor back when Leeds was known nationwide as home to the finest cuts and fabrics, and his father and uncle went on to run the largest single-storey factory in the country. Hemingway Tailors’ Toby Luper is proud to be a Leeds tailor from a long line of Leeds tailors. If you appreciate tradition and history, you won’t find more established names anywhere else.

Yorkshire service and prices

Yorkshire folk are friendly, approachable folk. London can be loud, intimidating and unnerving, but Leeds is welcoming. You’ll receive unparalleled Yorkshire service from a Leeds-based tailor, with a friendly attitude and an honest demeanour. You can also expect Yorkshire prices – the cost of living is far cheaper in Leeds than in London (particularly when you factor in Savile Row property prices), and this will be reflected in the price of Leeds tailoring.


If you’re based in Yorkshire or the North-East and looking for a bespoke tailored suit, why should you have to make the three-hour trip down to London? It just isn’t convenient to travel to Savile Row every time you’re due for a fitting. You’d be much better off using a local tailor instead – particularly if you can expect the same quality service as you would in the capital. What’s more, Hemingway Tailors’ travelling tailor service can take your appointments right to your door, meaning that you don’t have to travel a single mile out of your way. You can’t put a price on convenience.

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