It’s impossible to fully appreciate the incomparable fit of a bespoke suit until you’ve tried one on for yourself. A completely hand-made and personalised tailored suit might seem a daunting investment to make, but given that we expect your suit to last not just years, but decades, it’s almost certainly worthwhile. We’ve previously highlighted the differences between bespoke and made-to-measure mens suits. While made-to-measure mens suits are altered patterns based on your measurements, bespoke mens suits are created from scratch. They are the ultimate garments – perfect for wearing at work, for formal occasions, or just when you want to look smart when you’re out and about. You might be sceptical about our claims for the longevity of the bespoke suit. Here’s why your bespoke suit will last the test of time – and represent a sound investment.
Fully canvassed
Off-the-rack suits are usually fused – that means that the layers in the suit are glued together, giving a rather stiff effect that doesn't hold well over time. The glue can easily become unstuck, especially after months or years of wear, making the suit look even more scruffy and poorly fitting than it was before. Bespoke suits are fully canvassed. The layers of the suit are carefully hand stitched together, meaning that the layers of fabric work in tandem to give a more natural, flowing end product. The fit of a fully canvassed suit actually improves over time, as the centre ‘canvas’ becomes suited to the shape of your body. If your body shape changes over time, a fully canvassed suit is also likely to be able to account for this.

Hand stitched
All our bespoke mens suits are completely hand crafted and hand stitched. Hand stitching is higher quality than machine stitching, lasts longer, and does less damage to the fabric as it’s sewn together. All of this means that your bespoke suits look better, for longer.

Fits you exactly
Our master tailors take dozens of measurements to ensure that your three-piece suit fits perfectly. We’ll even take into account your gait. That means that the cut of your trousers will complement the way you walk, keeping your suit looking great even after a busy day of walking to and from meetings. Our attention to detail makes it certain that your suit will stand the test of time.

High quality fabric and finishing
Off-the-rack mens suits use cheaper fabrics that won’t last. When we’re creating a bespoke suit for you, we’ll give you a choice of thousands of high quality fabrics that are built with quality and longevity in mind. No detail is spared during the design and creation of our bespoke suits. Tell tale signs of poor quality suits such as trailing threads and misaligned buttonholes won’t be an issue in our bespoke suits.

The lifespan of your bespoke suit can be lengthened further if you take advantage of our after-care service. For just a small extra cost, you can benefit from cleaning, pressing and repairs, if and when it’s needed. To book an appointment with one of our tailors, fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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