The world of business relies on networking and relationships in order to thrive. Business isn’t just about short-term success – it’s also about extending that success into long-term growth. Having a strong network of influential companies and individuals around you is vital to longer-term success. Of course, to keep in with them you can’t just rely on goodwill and the occasional courtesy Tweet – you might also want to thank them using gifts. Corporate gifts come in many shapes and sizes, from a token sub-£10 paperweight to a high-end tailored suit. There might only be a few occasions where you wish to bestow such a lavish gift upon deserving clients, employees, or contacts, but when the time comes, why should you choose a tailored suit over luxury cufflinks or a bottle of bubbly?

A tailored suit lasts

Tailored suits are practically investments. They aren’t like any old off-the-rack garment, which falls to pieces after a single wash. Tailored suits are individually handcrafted, hand stitched garments, fully canvassed and lined to ensure that the suit’s shape only improves over time. The suit is constructed from scratch to flatter the recipient’s body shape, ensuring a good fit regardless of the wearer’s build. Unlike that bottle of champagne, it’ll last for years.

It can stay a surprise

When you’re giving a tailored suit as a present, doesn’t that mean the recipient has to get measured before you actually present them the suit as gift? Won’t it ruin the surprise? Actually, no. Hemingway Tailors go about things a little differently. No, we don’t simply resort to giving out gift cards – who enjoys unwrapping those? Instead, we’ll send you a suit-in-a-box – almost literally. Essentially, that means you choose a suit fabric and lining for your recipient’s suit. Our tailors will you help decide on the correct fabric for the recipient, based on your knowledge of their taste, current trends, and what’s likely to stand the test of time. Samples of these two fabrics will be placed in a lined Hemingway Tailors gift box, with the promise of a tailored or made-to-measure suit also included. If the recipient isn’t happy with the choice of fabric, they’re welcome to change it when they meet with our expert tailors.

Quality counts

We’ve already mentioned that the quality of a tailored suit means that it lasts, but the quality is a boon in itself. Instead of resorting to tacky, boring corporate gifts that your clients and contacts receive every year, a quality tailored suit is a real sign that you appreciate their work. The recipient will know that you’ve given them a lavish gift – and recognise that you didn’t want to resort to giving them something useless. Suits are functional. Business people are generally pragmatic types – they’ll appreciate a top quality suit more than a dust-gathering ornament or paperweight.

Hemingway Tailors’ suit-in-a-box service gives you the chance to give out luxury corporate gifts to your most valued clients – without ruining the surprise. Speak to us today to get started.

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