Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the main man in your life is no easy feat. In general, buying for a man can be a hard task - I mean, how many socks can one person have? In order to break the mould, you as the gift-bearer need to step out of the box… by stepping into it. 

Hemingway Tailoring offers a bespoke-shirt-in-box, a unique gifting service allowing the receiver to choose from a whole array of customisable options which leave him with a truly unique shirt. 

It requires little to no effort

In most cases, a remarkable Christmas gift requires weeks of planning, a stressful purchasing trip and a large dent in your bank account. 

However, the shirt-in-a-box order process is simple. Once you’ve entered the name of the recipient, added your personalised message and placed your order, Hemingway does the rest. 

How does it work? 

A shirt length of white material will be sent to the recipient and enclosed in a beautifully presented gift box along with instructions for the recipient to arrange their pre-paid tailoring experience at either our Leeds or London showroom.

During the appointment, should the recipient want to select an alternative fabric, they can begin by selecting one of over 600 fabrics and will be led by our tailor, through all the fabric and customisation options, including all the necessary adjustments: from the fit of the shirt, to the colour, fabric and collar style. 

Why is this unique?

Everything is bespoke and is chosen by him; from the style of the neckline, the weight of the material to the length of sleeve and stitching he wants. At Hemingway, a great deal of consideration and detail goes into producing a personalised shirt. Much like a tailored suit, they are handcrafted and custom-made to his exact body shape and preferences.

It is highly unlikely that the special man in your life will have received such a present from anyone else previously, and even if he has, there are so many different styles to choose from, meaning the end result will still be something truly original.

It’s an investment

Everyone knows the momentous feeling of opening a gift you know you are going to get a lot of use out of. A high-quality garment is made to last and the receiver of a well-manufactured shirt will gain an item that will stand the test of time, to be worn on numerous occasions. 

Not only that, but by investing in a quality item it shows you are investing in the person you are gifting it to and it is bound to show how much you care, strengthening your relationship with them and proving your dedication.

If you are interested in a shirt-in-a-box gift, click here to view the offer online today.

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