Black may seem like the most obvious colour when considering a new suit, but a navy suit should never be disregarded. Whilst a monochrome three-piece has its traditional advantages, navy is a staple colour for every gent’s wardrobe. 

A navy suit can flutter between formalities and wouldn’t look out of place in the office, at a wedding, or a social function. Want to introduce a classic navy suit to your wardrobe, but don’t know how? Hemingway is on hand with this trusty guide. 

Crisp white shirt

It is hard to go wrong with a crisp white shirt, it is a colour that can be matched with any suit, but when paired with a navy suit, it creates a classic combination. The versatility of a white shirt is reasoning for its long-lasting appeal.

Exuding a nautical look, the navy and white affiliation creates a dapper, bold outfit: a crisp white shirt against a smart navy suit is a fashion favourite and perfect for all seasons. 

Brown or tan brogues

When styling an outfit and choosing colours, the general rule of thumb is to complement colours that are at the opposing ends on a colour chart. In this case, the contrasting colour to blue, is orange. And whilst we are not recommending a pair of bright orange shoes, a darker shade of tan and brown works in harmony with a classic navy suit. 

Hemingway would recommend a pair of classic brogues to maintain a suitably polished appearance.

White trainers 

Every man owns a pair, but not everyone thinks about pairing the classic tennis shoe with a formal suit. Trainers are a staple shoe and over time, they continue to grow in popularity and style and now, the style of a trainer can be enhanced further when teamed with a navy suit. 

The only time this look fails is when attempted with the wrong cut. Your navy suit trousers should always be tapered when trying the suit and sneaker combo, sitting a little under the ankle. A dress trouser resting too far over the shoe doesn’t bode well and creates a fashion faux pas instead of a fresh, hip look. 

Pale blue tie 

When choosing a tie, it is important not to over-do it, as a navy suit can be a bold look as it is. When styling a navy suit, Hemingway would recommend sticking to cooler toned accessories, a few shades of distinction between your suit and tie creates a polished look.

This colour combination is subtle, but formal, conservative and stylish and works equally as well with other shades of blue, including cobalt and navy. 

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