Having a strong CV and application may get you an interview but it's the next step that is key to winning your dream job, and what you wear can have a huge impact on that important first impression!

It really doesn't matter what position you are applying for - a suit is essential!

Most business suits don’t go out of fashion so it’s an investment worth making as it will be one outfit that will stand the test of time and see you through the next few years of meetings and events!

Choose a dark colour like navy blue or charcoal, a black suit is fine of course but some people prefer to keep them for more formal occasions such as funerals!

Single breasted suits are the most common type of suits worn for a job interview as a double breasted suit can be a touch too formal - though if this is all you have it's better than no suit at all!

It goes without saying but do make sure that the suit has been dry cleaned and pressed, check for stray threads and snip them off carefully with a pair of scissors, check all the hems on the trousers are stitched and there is no wear on the bottoms.

Ensuring a proper fit is just as important as ensuring the good condition of your suit. Pay particular attention to the shoulder area as this helps define the entire fit of the jacket and an ill fitting shoulder sends all measurements off balance. The sleeves should sit about ½ an inch above your shirt’s cuff and the collar should be showing.

A well fitting suit will make you feel more comfortable and confident - the more comfortable and confident you are... well you can guess the rest!

Choose a silk tie that complements your overall suit and shirt, don't choose anything to bold or any dazzling pattern or novelty / funny cartoon - the interviewer is supposed to be paying attention to what you say not the comic strip on your Christmas tie!

If you choose a pattern keep it simple and small, and colours stick to safe, muted ones if possible.

Don't go overboard with accessories - a simple watch and silver cufflinks along with a silk tie with a muted design is ideal, keep handkerchiefs out of it - you're not sitting in the Directors chair yet!

Always remember to take a pen with you as well - a good quality one, not a half chewed biro!

The Right Foot Forward

Keep shoes dark, formal and most importantly - clean! If you have never had your shoes polished there is always a first time for everything! If you wear a dark navy suit, then wear dark blue socks, and should you choose to wear a dark grey suit pick either charcoal grey or black socks.

Quality business suits usually start from around £500 for ‘ready-to-wear’. Our suits are ‘made-to-measure’ meaning you can ensure a perfect fit because the garment is created to your exact measurements in a way that a mass produced ‘ready-to-wear’ suit cannot be.

And what’s more we offer a level of quality and craftsmanship that is equivalent to that of names such as Hugo Boss, Cerrutti, Austin Reed, Jaeger, Canali (but with a price tag that doesn’t match!)

A made-to-measure suit from Hemingway Tailors starts from just £495 and we offer a visiting tailor service at your convenience in your office or home. You’ll also have the benefit of a wider selection of cloths, colours and patterns to choose from – in fact no shop in the world can offer the choice of materials or indeed style as an experienced tailor!

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced tailors at a day and time to suit you and your lifestyle.

Remember – Dress for the job you want not the job you have!

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