Research carried about by a menswear retailer has revealed that while the average man spends around £193 a year on clothes for the office, 82 per cent of those surveyed do not wear a tailored suit and tie to work anymore. Although as times have changed there is no longer a set dress code or a need for men to wear a full suit in the majority of offices, the study found that men looking for a promotion should turn up to work in a shirt and tie – more specifically, a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie…

Research suggests that a two-tone outfit is the best way to create a good impression in the office, and that red and purple ties are also popular garments to wear for those looking to progress in the workplace. A number of those surveyed admitted that they feel they have missed out on a promotion because they have dressed down compared to their competitors, suggesting that it is time for men to rethink how they dress for the office.

58 per cent admitted they dress to impress their bosses, so why not impress your boss and ensure you get that promotion by investing in a tailor-made suit that will help you feel confident and motivated when in the workplace? Here at Hemingway Tailors we know how good it can feel to be the best dressed person in the room (as well as the impression it can leave), so if you want to stand out amongst your colleagues in future, get in touch with

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