Trendy versus timeless: is it better to be a fashion follower or a trendsetter?

To some people, fashion is hugely important. They follow the latest styles and trends religiously, restructuring their wardrobes as designers, journalists and fashionistas dictate. There is, however, something to be said for dressing timelessly, rather than simply prescribing to the latest look. Bespoke tailored garments will last you a lifetime, and a well-cut suit will never go out of fashion. Why would you want to replace your entire wardrobe every couple of years? Trends are doomed to look ridiculous with the benefit of hindsight, as the annals of history will attest. Just take a look at these desperately dated fashion trends – can you believe we ever thought this stuff was cool?
The nineties

Cast your minds back, if you can remember that far, to the heady days of the nineties. The decade categorised by ‘girl power,’ New Labour and the rise of the internet is responsible for some truly heinous crimes against fashion, and you don’t have to look very far to spot them. Take a glance at the charts for a start: we were subjected to Will Smith’s baggy, primary-coloured man-made fabrics, the severe ponytail of Posh Spice, the ludicrous Union Jack prints of her bandmates and the Gallagher’s parkas all in the space of one decade. How on earth did we cope? If you were old enough to pick out your own clothes in the nineties before you’d developed a classic sense of style, you’ll almost certainly have committed some trend-influenced style atrocities, too...

The eighties

The eighties was an ugly decade for a number of different reasons, and fashion was undoubtedly one of them. Women were subjected to the trend of ‘power dressing,’ in which female professionals would wander around sporting gigantic, NFL-style shoulder pads and unsightly, angular lapels. The music world gave us the ghastly faux-renaissance styles of the New Romantic trend, while primary colours and garish prints were everywhere. Looking back now, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was a decade-long bespoke tailoring embargo throughout the eighties, and we had to put up with the Falklands War and the rise of the yuppy, too!

The seventies

The seventies are now sufficiently distant to evoke nostalgia in some, but the fashion trends of this decade were spectacularly and hopelessly misguided. A cursory glance at a list of seventies couture would give you flares, platform shoes, loud floral prints and space-age metallic trousers, to name but a few. There’s a reason why these items now hang in the windows of fancy dress shops, rather than those of made-to-measure tailors. The clothing wasn't alone in its singular awfulness, either. Hair in the ‘70s was diabolical, with enormous frizzy barnets boasting a kind of dry, dusty volume that seemed unique to the decade. Virtually everyone looked like Noddy Holder from Slade.

The sixties

The sixties has managed to gain a measure of cool cachet today, but there’s a reason why it was so successfully pastiched by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers films. Some truly dreadful fashion trends did the rounds during the sixties, among them miniskirts, tie-dye, bell-bottom jeans, the mop-top hairstyle and little round John Lennon glasses. For every cool fashion concept the sixties gave us, we were subjected to one equally terrible alternative. Arguably, they were certainly on the right lines with their bespoke tailored suits though...

As you can see, following trends and fashions too closely can lead you down the wrong path – and a dark path at that! Dress timelessly instead – make the most of our bespoke tailoring service and ensure that you never have to look back at a family photo with a look of horror and revulsion again...

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