As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look forward to what we can expect the fashion world to provide us in 2017. With many trends already being predicted, we’ve looked at which of the trends can be applied to your suit looks below.

Seventies revival - YES

The first notable trend which could be applicable to formal wear is the sartorial throwback to seventies colourways along with suede and velvet pieces. In terms of the colour palette, the trend features a heavy use of browns and shades associated with it such as tans and oranges.
These are certainly colours which can be brought into your formal looks. Brown suits can make for a great alternative to the more commonly seen black, grey and navy options and are well suited for most occasions. Tan coloured leather can also provide a brighter option for footwear and belts which might be just what you’re after in the warmer months.

White out - NO

The crisp clean dazzle of pure white garments can really make them stand out – and this has been taken a step further with many all white looks appearing on the streets of Europe. It’s a bold look and can work well when combined with a casual outfit and enough confidence to pull it off – unfortunately it’s not a look you want to try with a suit.
If you want clean minimalism then instead of opting for pure white, a monochrome look made up purely of black and white is the best alternative. Take a black suit and team it up with white accessories – you can even go as far as including a crisp white pair of trainers for more informal events.

Childhood Memories - YES

Another trend which has been brimming for a while but is yet to really take off is the inclusion of imagery from classic childhood references. Things such as astronauts, rocket ships, animals and surf boards have been seen more readily on clothing items like caps, shirts and jackets. However could they work with within a suit look?
The answer is an undeniable yes! Ties and pocket squares make for the ideal place to add some youthful imagery while there’s also a good chance you can get our hands a pair of cufflinks of a similar nature. Small addition such as those mentioned can help to express a little personality and also create a memorable look.

Pyjama Inspired Pieces – NO

While blue and white shirts have become almost a staple in many men’s wardrobes, pyjama inspired looks stretch a little further. The trend also leans heavily on the fit of the clothing, which for the most part is loose to provide the freedom that regular pyjamas would. However this is something which you certainly want to steer clear of with your suit and shirt.
When it comes to the fit, your suit and shirt should fit you perfectly. Irrespective of whether you’re dressing for a formal or informal outing, in order for a suit or shirt to look their very best they need to sit correctly on the body. This is why we go as far as suggesting bespoke and made to measure garments as these items of clothing will help to compliment your figure and leave you looking your very best.
So there are a few emerging street style trends and our take on their adaptability into your smarter looks. If there are any other street style trends you feel cold be slipped into your looks than be sure to share them with us on our social media pages.

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