With trends changing as often as the seasons alongside new designers, styles, textures and colours to explore, dressing well 24/7 is quite a challenge. Whilst we can all have a good go at it, there are some women who seem to manage it day in and day out. Although we could waste time envying these best-dressed women, instead we should draw inspiration from them. Victoria Beckham wasn’t always a fashion icon, but nowadays she has her own fashion line and is never spotted looking anything other than chic, whilst the Duchess of Cambridge has smart casual down to a T. Here are the top fashion tips we’ve taken from them and many others…

Always wear a heel

You’ll rarely see the Duchess of Cambridge in flats. Even when she’s dressed casually for a minor public appearance, she’ll wear a boot with a slight heel. Heels can help elongate your legs, provide definition and give you that extra bit of height, helping to add to your confidence. Whether you’re wearing jeans, skirts, a trouser suit or even shorts, a heel can be worn to both smarten up your outfit or make it a little more fun, perfect for going from the office to the town.

Choose a matching jacket

Even if you haven’t planned for your outfit to go with a jacket, finding one that matches could help to complete it. Victoria Beckham always has as jacket to match her tailored suit, even if she’s just carrying it over the shoulder or has it to hand in her car. You never know when you might need a jacket to smarten up your outfit or help you to cover up to make it more appropriate for a certain occasion, and a simple jacket can be used to make one outfit look completely different.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Blake Lively clearly stole a few tips from the fashionable character Serena Van Der Williams she played in Gossip Girl, because ever since appearing in the series she has always braved the most daring and stunning of dresses. She’s not afraid of experimenting with colour and materials, whether she’s dressing for the red carpet or a day of shopping in New York. She proves that opting for a daring colour really can pay off.

Keep your clothes fitted

Whilst baggy shirts and oversized jackets can be fashionable, if you’re not sure how to work the look or you don’t feel comfortable that you can pull it off, always opt for fitted clothes. Celebrities known for their flattering style such as Beyoncé and Mila Kunis know how to accentuate their assets. Beyoncé will always wear a fitted dress that highlights her hourglass figure, whilst Mila will wear a dress that cuts in at her waist and flares out into a full skirt to give the illusion of a more hourglass shape.

If you’re keen to start making the most of the these style tips, why not start by investing in a staple piece for your wardrobe that you can adapt and create several outfits from? Our professional tailors can help to create the perfect well-fitted bespoke suit, made-to-measure or made bespoke so that you can start including yourself in the category of the best-dressed women in the world!

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