If you love fashion, or you’re planning on treating someone who does then what better way to enjoy yourself then to spend a few nights in one of the many fashion hubs that Europe has to offer. It makes for a great way to explore new styles and gain an insight into the influence of varying cultures on fashion trends.
We’ve scoured Europe to bring you a selection of must visit destinations.

Fashion stalwarts – Milan, Paris, London

Our fashion stalwarts are those cities which have been synonymous with fashion on a global scale for decades now – and there aren’t many more worthy of the title than the likes of London, Milan and Paris. Given the fact that each one has its own respective Fashion Week event, it’s clear to see that these cities have become the capitals for fashion within Europe.
Each of these cities has become a hotbed for fashion. A day spent in either and you’ll witness a diverse range of fashion brought together by the vibrant makeup of the people inhabiting each location - though it must be said London and Paris are more evident of this than Milan. While there is a vibrant range of fashion influences on show, the cities also maintain their own distinct styles. Fine tailoring courtesy of the craftsmen along Savile Row and Jermyn Street still define the style in London while leading Italian designers such as Valentino and Versace are evident along the streets of Milan.

Central European style – Berlin, Antwerp

While the household names for fashion mentioned above often steal a vast majority of the attention, central Europe also plays home to a number of lesser known fashion orientated cities. We’ve selected 2 to focus on their unique offering.
Berlin has seen itself simmering away for a while now in a fashion sense and recent years have seen it draw in young and ambitious designers. The generally inclusive nature of the fashion scene is likely to bode well with the young demographic of designers dwelling within the German capital and makes for an exciting future for its emerging fashion.
The emergence of talented designers has also been evident in Antwerp over the last 60 years. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts introduced a dedicated Fashion Design course in 1963 which proved to be a real turning point for the Belgian capital as it provided the grounding for world renowned designers such as Ann Demeulemeester and Kriss Van Assche. The Academy remains a sought-after destination for young designers trying to perfect their craft.

Emerging Nordic influencers – Copenhagen, Stockholm

Nordic cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm have made massive leaps in the fashion world in recent years. This has led to them being drawn to the forefront of the European fashion scene with much of their style being centred around modest and minimalistic design. This translates wonderfully into their formal fashion which you’re likely to come across, especially in Sweden. The Swedes have certainly maintained the suave look which is evident in their suits however they’ve managed this without being overly “showy”.
While some formal fashion influences may have been taken from the likes of Italy and England, the vast majority of their fashion still feels deep rooted in their Nordic values and provides an air of simple sophistication. External fashion influences from cultures around Europe are yet to really impact the core styles on show which means each location has also maintained its fashion identity. Many of the main shopping streets around Stockholm and Copenhagen feature the leading designers native to each country alongside internationally recognised brands - making them ideal locations for style inspiration and shopping

So there you have a brief list of locations you can head off to, and with each being a few hours away you can squeeze in a taste of the distinct style with relative ease.

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