Mismatched is not generally a term one would associate with bespoke tailoring; clean lines, pinstripes and well fitted jackets are more ‘well’-matched than ‘miss’-matched.

But in the world of men’s fashion and tailoring, we simply don’t have the luxury of the wealth of patterns, colours and styles that women have, so, as men, we must make the most of our accessories in order to stand out and make a statement.

There’s something about a matching tie and handkerchief that is almost ‘over-coordinated’ but have you ever considered mismatching? A mismatched tie and handkerchief does something to an outfit – it gives it a bit of fizz, a quirky twist – it becomes a talking point.

At Hemingway Tailors we have a vast range of colours, materials and patterns to select from, why not try a paisley blue and red handkerchief with a navy and red spot patterened tie, or try mixing and matching colours and even textures.

Our silk ties and handkerchiefs that we create at Hemingway Tailors are made especially for you; meaning you can choose exactly the colour, pattern and material to suit you and reflect your style.

To find out more about our bespoke men’s tailoring and our deluxe silk tie varieties please click here.

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