As one of the best fitted garments in your wardrobe, your made to measure or bespoke tailor made suit is one piece of clothing you’ll be wanting to take good care of. Many suits have a timeless air of class to them, meaning if you can keep them in good condition you can wear them for as long as you please.

However, it’s when it comes down to taking care of them that people fall, often following tips friends and family give them along with common misconceptions. We’ve looked at a few tips you should follow to help keep your suit in the best possible condition and get the most wear out of it.

Don’t dry iron wool

If you have a wool suit then be sure not to dry iron it. In most cases simply hanging up a woollen garment and allowing the fibres to relax will see the creases ease out of the suit. To help this process you can use a humid environment such as a bathroom. If you’re dealing with deep creases on the other hand then ironing will be required, however you should do so with care.

When it comes to ironing woollen fabrics there are a few things you should consider. The nature of the material can cause the fibres to burn very easily therefore you should use a steam iron along with a pressing cloth. You can also iron the suit inside out to further reduce the likelihood of scorches marks appearing on the garment.

Take care with the pockets

Unlike other items of clothing, the pockets on a suit deliver an element of sharpness to your look so the last thing you want to do is ruin them by over using them. When it comes to internal pockets be sure not to overload them. Doing so can cause an unsightly bulk and will take away all attention from the fit of the suit.

If you often find yourself using the external pockets on your blazer to rest your hand in then consider switching to your trouser pockets instead. The regular use of external blazer pockets for your hands is likely to see them move away from their natural resting position, which should be sat flush against the blazer.

Buy spare trousers

If you want to extend the life of your suit you can do so by simply having an extra pair of trousers created. It’s often the trousers which are the first piece of a suit to experience wear and can often be the reason that a suit’s no longer able to be worn.

You can get the second pair of trousers made alongside your suit or have them crafted when you need them, just be sure to clarify the availability of the cloth with your tailor.

Don’t dry clean

The process of dry cleaning will expose your suit to harsh chemicals which will take their toll on the fabric. In time you’ll see the fit of the suit reduce in quality and before log the suit will reach the end of its lifespan. Where possible steam clean your suit and to really make sure it stays in the best condition possible you can also try our aftercare service. At Hemingway we understand the importance of maintaining your suit therefore our aftercare service features sponging, pressing and any necessary repairs.

You’ll reap the rewards of taking good care of your suit as it’ll be sure to last you longer, meaning more opportunities to wear it and more glancing looks of appreciation for the best fitted garment in your wardrobe.

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