There are some accessories which add nuances of class like nothing else, and knowing how to pair them up with the rest of your outfit is crucial in looking the part. This week we’re looking at watches and how you should go about finding the right one to not only match your outfit but also the occasion.
When it comes to deciding which watch to wear, there are a few things you should keep in mind – we’ve looked at a few of them below.

Digital vs analogue

While this might not be a consideration for some, those who don’t often wear a watch might be wondering if they should opt for an analogue watch or digital. Well splitting the 2 is pretty straight forward. Analogue watches are seen to be more formal which digital are less so – that’s not to say that you can’t get analogue watches which are also less formal. That’s the general rule of thumb though and we tend to recommend wearing an analogue watch with a suit if you want to be taken seriously.

Leather strap vs bracelet

Another major choice is deciding between a leather strap or metal bracelet. While this is very much down to personal preference, if you’re looking for a dressy watch for a formal occasion then we’d recommend going for a leather strap. Remember, as mentioned above, there are plenty of leather strap watches which are suited to less formal occasions.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the seasons, while leather straps are ideal for formal events, perspiration during the warmer months can build up beneath the strap. If you find yourself having problems, either find a number of watches to alternate between or don’t wear it as frequently.

Match your strap

Irrespective of which strap you go for, there’s still a small degree of coordinating to do. Leather straps should ideally be matched to the colour of the leather of your shoes and belt. While it doesn’t have to match in terms of exact shade, the colour should be the same in order to help maintain a consistency throughout your look. Similarly, a meal strap should be matched to any jewellery you’re wearing, especially around the hand and wrists e.g. rings, bracelet.

Watch face colour

When it comes to watch faces, we’d recommend to sticking to either white, black or washed out shades of grey and brown. While other colours are available, they aren’t as versatile and can be harder to pull off, so unless you have a range of watches to choose from, start with the simple yet stylish colours.
For more formal or dressy occasions go for a white face, this will help to give a clean look which will sit nicely alongside your suit. Also, look to match the metal on the face with any jewellery you might be wearing (ring, tie bar etc) to help compliment your overall look.

Watch wearing occasions

The type of watch you go for will also be influenced by the occasion that it’s being bought for. Assuming your suit is fit for the occasion, you’ll be looking for a watch which will glide seamlessly into your overall look, however the formality of each event will require a different approach to your watch choice.
Formal occasions - Formal occasions where you’ll be wanting to make a mark such as black tie events and weddings should see you opt for a dress watch which is minimal yet elegant in design (and always a leather strap).
At work - The workplace can allow for a little more freedom in terms of watch style. If it’s an interview or your first day, then don’t go too bold with your choice of watch. A real statement piece can give of the wrong the vibe and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to make a good first impression.
Social outing – Whether you’re on a date or simply going out with friends, the informal nature allows you to be more expressive with your choice of watch. Go with a sturdy time piece that won’t cause you’re heart to drop at the slightest of knocks – the last thing you want it to spend you evening worrying about your watch than having a good time.

A final note

That should give you a better idea on how to choose a watch to match your outfit and the occasion. If you feel you do need further styling tips then have a look at our personal styling services to see if we can accommodate for your needs.

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