What Wedding Suits to Wear Abroad?

Abroad Wedding Suits

There’s a growing trend in people looking to get married abroad. With many wanting to enjoy better weather for their big day, more of us are packing our bags and jetting away. However if you are considering getting married abroad, or even attending a wedding abroad you need to be aware the conditions you’re likely to face when dressing for the occasion.

It’d take us forever to go through what to wear for every idyllic location in the world, so we’ve taken a selection of destinations from www.hitched.co.uk’s ‘top 10 wedding destinations’ blog and given you an idea of what to wear for each climate to ensure you look and feel great on your big day.

Croatia & Italy

The city of Dubrovnik sets quite a scene for a wedding and during the summer months the weather can play its part in creating the ideal conditions for a wedding. Temperatures tend to nestle just below the mid 20’s for the most part with the height of the summer leading to temperatures creeping over the 30 mark. However, it does offer a generally cooler climate given the lack of humidity meaning suit wearing can be a little more flexible.

If you’d prefer Italy, then Venice offers the perfect romantic backdrop to your wedding day (with it brimming full of culture) and the weather is also likely to play into your hands. The conditions are slightly warmer than what you’ll find in the UK during the Summer which makes suit shopping somewhat easier as a result of knowing what to expect. You can approach suit shopping for both destinations as you would for a wedding at home, with medium weight suits allowing you to still comfortably enjoy your day.

Canada & Iceland

If you aren’t overly concerned about the weather being hot and the location is of more importance, then Quebec City in Canada or Iceland might just take your fancy to offer a cool yet calm setting for your wedding. In the Summer temperatures are likely to barely hit the 20’s and so we think you should embrace the colder months instead. There’s something romantic about a snow dusted surrounding and so make the most of the location by wrapping up in style.

Now you can’t exactly wear an over coat at the altar so we would suggest going for thicker materials. Tweed has grown in popularity in recent times and so would be great to not only stay warm but also to make a fashion statement. If you’d prefer a material which isn’t as outspoken as tweed then you could simply opt for a cashmere or wool suit.

Mauritius & Fiji

Now for many people the appeal of getting married abroad is to take in the sun and sand, and 2 locations which provide it in abundance are Mauritius and Fiji. However with these wonderful locations come climates hotter than what we’re used to in the UK. While temperatures topping out at 30 degrees are great for lounging around topless on a beach, they aren’t as well suited to wearing a 3-piece.

Therefore, if you are getting married in a hotter climate then think thin materials. Some great options are linen and cotton which allow your body to breathe a little more however they are also susceptible to crease more easily. An alternative material to these is silk which is less likely to crease and also provides a sheen and more luxurious feel to help achieve a real standout look. Regardless of the material you choose you should also consider the colour, with darker colour attracting more heat but also hiding perspiration better.

At Hemingway we can create the perfect suit to help make your perfect day. From finding the ideal material to measuring you up to provide the best possible fit, our tailoring process places you at the heart of every step so be sure to get in touch to get your journey started. Go ahead and explore our range of shirts too. 

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