Style and fashion is always changing. In fact, there’s seemingly only one constant in fashion – the style statement that is a perfectly tailored suit. There are few truly timeless styles in fashion. Think back to the ‘70s and ‘80s – many of the style icons of those days wore outfits that are truly hideous by today’s standards. Ever catch yourself wanting to recreate Madonna’s ‘80s looks for anything other than a fancy dress party? We thought not. The best-dressed women of recent years combine today’s trends with classic pieces that could still work in their wardrobes in twenty years time. Of course, we’re slightly biased towards women who frequently wear tailored suits, but we still think our list of today’s best-dressed women is fairly accurate.

 Emma Watson

The young actress has been in the spotlight for the majority of her life, and throughout this time, she’s certainly learnt how to dress like the star that she’s become. In her post-Potter years her career has continued to flourish, and her sense of style is only strengthening too. Her key looks include the simple J. Mendel jumpsuit she wore to the Madrid premiere of Noah, and the sharp tuxedo she wore to the filming of her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Watson has been the darling of the fashion industry for many years and has modelled for Burberry, Lancôme, and People Tree – a fair trade fashion brand. The fact that she stands up for ethical, sustainable fashion is another reason we admire Watson.


Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is arguably the second most well known figure in the royal family, and part of that’s down to her enviable style. During her royal duties, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to retain the modest, formal style of the royal family, while also adding a modern, on-trend twist to her outfits. On the Hemingway Tailors blog, we’ve previously spoken of her love of tailored suits. Kate matches elegance with style – and few can match her!


 Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has recently risen to fame as the lead character in Scandal, a highly successful US drama recently renewed for its fourth season. Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, is well known for her love of suits. With practically a different suit in every episode, we love seeing the variety of styles she has to offer. Off-screen, Ms Washington is also impeccably dressed, combining striking classic silhouettes with bright colours or bold patterns.

 Alexa Chung

Crossing back to this side of the Atlantic, we’re here to praise Alexa Chung’s fashion choices once more. Chung’s effortless chic is enviable to us all – whether slumming it at a festival, strutting down the red carpet or simply going out for a stroll, Alexa Chung always looks fantastic. Her personal style consists of a quirky twist on simple, classic lines – she has a particular fondness for blazers, layers, and incredibly cute dresses.

 All of these four ladies show that tailored suits aren’t just for men – they can form the cornerstone of any of the most stylish red carpet outfits. Want to get fitted for a made-to-measure suit of your own? Book an appointment with one of our expert tailors. 

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