This year’s awards season has come and gone. Birdman scooped the top prize at the Academy Awards, Eddie Redmayne won out over Benedict Cumberbatch in the battle of the Brits, and plenty of actors used their acceptance speeches to try to make the world a better place. At Hemingway Tailors, we had our eyes on the red carpet, too, to see who wore their tailored tuxedos best. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic tux on the red carpet, but there were some actors who stood out in the style stakes.

Eddie Redmayne

Man of the moment Eddie Redmayne’s stellar performance as Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything was matched by his sartorial sense on the red carpet. Redmayne’s midnight blue Alexander McQueen suit with black lapels was one of the most memorable suits on the red carpet, with the contrasting lapels giving the slim fitting suit a retro edge. At the BAFTAs, Redmayne opted for a more daring navy blue velvet suit, again with contrasting lapels. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards he effortlessly pulled off a black double-breasted suit, and he went for a green velvet suit at the Golden Globes. Redmayne’s retro yet modern style has taken the fashion world by storm – and rightly so.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has almost single-handedly made three-piece suits cool again. He might make the occasional style misstep, but Mr Cooper’s dedication to the waistcoat means he’s a firm favourite here at Hemingway Tailors. The three-piece classic tuxedo he wore to the BAFTAs and the Oscars was a highlight of this year’s red carpet fashion. We hope that Cooper’s style credentials continue to progress in the coming years.

 David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo may not have made as many red carpet appearances as some of the other actors on this list (due to some awful snubs from the film industry), but his Oscars outfit made heads turn – for all the right reasons. The Selma actor appeared in a three-piece red tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana. It was a brave colour choice, but Oyelowo pulled it off spectacularly, due in no small part to the suit’s perfect fit. At the Critics’ Choice Awards Oyelowo opted for a classic black suit and white shirt combo, but contrasting black shirt buttons right up to the collar gave his outfit a stylish twist.

 Jared Leto

Oscar winning actor Jared Leto has always been known for his quirky style (remember when he sported a pink mohawk?), and during this year’s award season he brought it onto the red carpet. From his lilac Givenchy tuxedo (with white shoes and shirt) at the Oscars to the white tux with black labels at the Golden Globes, Leto’s style choices were never dull and always daring – but somehow they worked.

 Chris Pine

American actor Chris Pine didn’t make many red carpet appearances this year, but his showing at the Oscars immediately landed him a place on this list. The Star Trek star attended the Academy Awards sporting a double-breasted classic tuxedo - a tricky look to pull off, but he did it in style, with a fit worthy of a Hemingway Tailors garment!

 We’ll say it again: fit is everything. If you’re dissatisfied with off-the-rack suits and want a garment that fits you perfectly and lasts for many years, book an appointment with one of our tailors today. 

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