“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” … They were the words of TV and radio star Will Rogers, and words which will continue to ring true for years to come. So if you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, then you surely you should always attempt to make the best possible first impression -  and what better way to do that than with your outfit.

An outfit doesn’t just stop at your suit, to create the best impression, every aspect of your look should be on a par – and a bespoke suit can’t be teamed up with anything better than a pair of bespoke shoes. Whether it’s a social event or a business meeting, a fully bespoke ensemble is sure to scream only good things about you.

So why what is it about bespoke shoes that stand them apart from ready to wear alternatives? We’ve had a look below.

Bespoke shoes vs ready to wear shoes

As we’ve always stressed to our readers, the fit of your suit is paramount in making you look good. In similar fashion, the fit of a bespoke pair of shoes is sure to have you strutting your stuff in extreme comfort. But why exactly should you opt for bespoke shoes over ready to wear alternatives.


Bespoke shoes are made to the shape and size of your foot. As we know, feet can vary greatly from person to person, so why should you settle for shoes made in a generic size, especially if you have long or wide feet. This is where bespoke shoes can make a massive difference, so if regular shoes cause discomfort then try a bespoke pair.


As with other bespoke garments, you’re offered the freedom to create a style and look which suits your taste. While there are many ready to wear shoes which look great, if you’re wanting to truly create a look which is borne out of your taste of fashion, then you can’t look past a pair of bespoke shoes. You have the choice of selecting the colour, type of material along with other aesthetic elements involved with the design of the shoe.


Leading on from the previous point, having a bespoke shoe made for you means that it can be as unique to you as you want it to be. If you add your own touch to it then you’ll find that in many cases you’ll end up with a shoe which is one of a kind – something that’ll draw even more attention and adoration to your look.


The quality of the workmanship involved with creating bespoke shoes ensures that you end up with footwear that is crafted to last. Hemingway’s bespoke shoe process can take up to 12 weeks of careful crafting, which demonstrates the level of quality which can be expected from the finished product.


Looking and feeling good about yourself can help breed a greater degree of confidence. While it’s difficult to measure the direct impact of clothing on confidence, we’re sure the fit and finish of a pair of bespoke shoes is sure to place a pep in your step.

Having the freedom to create a shoes to your exact specification is something you’ll come to love once you start the process – especially knowing that the fit is one thing you don’t need to worry about. Much like bespoke suits, you’ll truly appreciate the fit, comfort and style of a bespoke shoes once you’ve had one made.

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