Putting together perfect look requires every piece of your attire to look and fit right. So while you may have a well fitted suit, your shirt and accessories should be on a par. To help you find the perfect shirt we’ve looked at the 3 Cs which you should consider before making your next purchase.


First and foremost it’s important to find a cut (or fit) which best suits you. The most commonly found fits are standard/classic, fitted/tailored and slim/skinny.

The standard or classic fit tends to offer a more generously cut shirt with extra space being made available around the arms and the body. This style is well suited to those who might want to hide the odd curve around the stomach. If you’re naturally skinny we’d recommend you avoid this style as it will in most cases drown you given the extra material.

The fitted or tailored fit is probably the most commonly worn these days. It’s designed to bring out the shape of your body without hugging you too much. The benefit of this style is that it can accommodate most body shapes making it the ideal choice for many guys.

Slim fitted shirts tend to offer that middle ground between tailored and skinny fit making them a viable choice for men who are in decent shape.

Finally we have skinny fitted shirts. Skinny fitted shirts are recommended primarily for those who are on the slim side – you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for a shirt that’s too tight in all areas.


An aspect of shirts which people tend to miss are the many varying collar styles which are available. While it’s up to you which you wear and what you wear it with, there are combinations which are typically seen more often and usually favoured.

The most versatile choice of collar is the classic collar which can be worn for both formal and informal events. It also works both with and without a tie allowing you to pair it up with a suit or jeans with just as much ease.

Forward point collars have a smaller collar spread meaning they’re suited to most tie knots as long as they aren’t too large to fit within the space. The forward point style should ideally be worn with a tie to help keep the collars in order.

The cutaway and spread collar styles leave a larger opening between the collar points than the classic and forward point collar styles. This style is suited more for formal occasions than informal but can still be worn with or without a tie. If you do decide to wear a tie we’d suggest you go for bigger knot to help cover the space left by the spread apart collar points.

The button down collar serves for a more relaxed look and so isn’t the number one choice to be worn for really formal occasions or with dressy attire such as double breasted suits. It can however still be openly worn for most other occasions and goes well both with and without a tie. One thing to ensure is that you always button down the collars, not doing so can come off as looking lazy.

The winged collar is the standout collar style in the list. It makes a great addition to black tie attire and if you really want to leave an impression it should certainly be your choice of collar style. While it’s often worn with a bow tie to complete evening dinner suit looks, it can also be worn with a regular necktie. This however is a look which has often left people divided in terms of whether they actually like it.


When it comes to your cuffs you have the choice of 2 main options, single and French (double) cuffs. Both of these cuff styles can be found with square, rounded or angled cut finishes.

Single cuffs offer a more informal choice and therefore allow you to wear your shirt to create smart or casual looks. While most commonly seen with 2 buttons, single cuff shirts can also feature 1 or 3 buttons along the cuff.

 Double cuffs on the other hand are the dressier option and are the ideal accompaniment for dinner suits and more formal looks. The fact that double cuffs require cufflinks to fasten them allows you to add a personal touch to your shirt.

At Hemingway we tailor make shirts as well as suits. So if there is a specific style and fit of shirt you’d like you can have it made by our experienced tailors to your exact specifications. Get in touch today to find out more.

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