Suits are worn for a variety of different occasions ranging from business attire, both formal and casual, as well as black tie events.

A watch is a classic way to finish off an outfit no matter how formal or casual it may be, since the main form of jewellery that men tend to wear is a wrist watch.

There are no written rules or handbooks to help you match a watch with your suit, so today we are putting together a comprehensive guide on tailoring a timepiece to suit you and your look.

The good thing about Hemingway Tailors and over 100 years of tailoring experience is that we can create either a three piece suit or a two piece suit that fits you perfectly, whatever the event, here’s a look into some of the styles we offer as well as a watch to match the style and occasion.


A black tie occasion requires the utmost perfection and quality when it comes to your look. The suit that you choose to wear to this formal occasion can be either white or black and to finish off this look we recommend a bow tie for added sophistication. Although this is one of the most formal looks it is also one of the more simple designs, made up of either a specially tailored two piece or three piece all black suit with a plain white shirt.

To match this simple but highly charming look we would recommend a dress watch as your one and only accessory. A dress watch is simple in design with a black strap and white dial, the only complications being either date or day display. To complete your black tie look we suggest Maurice Lacroix’s Les Classiques automatic watch to match your existing look, blending in to complete your formal attire.


If you run or work for a formal business then the way you dress is important for your image, there is no better way to make an impression than with an exclusively tailored suit. With business formal dress you have more freedom in the style and colour then you would of you were going to a black tie event. For a formal business look that leaves a long lasting impression we recommend a bold dark grey or black two piece suit with a white shirt and tie with a splash of colour- a colour of your choice.

For a business formal look we recommend choosing a watch that is classic in design, featuring a silver bracelet and a darker dial. A classic business style watch should have little or no complications as it is the bold look of this accessory that is to mirror your outgoing business look. The watch that we suggest for this style is Raymond Weil’s Freelancer automatic watch. This timepiece is not overcomplicated in its design or function however it is certainly a model that will leave a good impression.


If your workplace is a little more laid back but you still want to show up in style then there are a selection of different styles for you to choose from. A business casual look enables you to mix and match different colours and patterns which can either be paired with a smart pair of jeans and jacket or a jacket, suit and trousers in different shades. For a business casual look we recommend a tan check jacket with a pastel coloured shirt and dark grey or black suit trousers with no tie.

As with the style of your suit, you also have a lot of freedom in your choice of watch. Unlike the previous looks where a dress or smart watch was a must have, in this case you can wear a field watch, pilot watch or alternatively a chronograph watch which has more complications than the models previously mentioned. The watch that we recommend for a business casual look is Sinn’s Pilot Classic Chronograph which is is superior in its style, functionality and clarity. The iconic feature of this watch is the domed glass for those seeking an accessory which is a little out of the ordinary.


The suit that you wear on your wedding day will be one that you remember for the rest of your life which is why having it tailored to fit you makes it extra special. As it is your day, it is up to you whether you want to follow the tradition of wearing a black three piece suit perhaps with a tail or if you wanted to wear something a little more adventurous. However in light of tradition we would recommend a three piece tail suit with a black jacket and pin striped suit trousers.

If you do choose to have a dress suit for your wedding day then a dress watch will be the perfect accessory to finish your look. As a dress watch is simple in design it will compliment you exciting style without taking too much attention away from your suit. The watch that we would suggest for your wedding attire is Junghans Max Bill Automatic watch which features a minimalistic style comprised of the iconic black and white dress watch look.


There are so many different occasions and events that you might find you need a suit and we can cater for a wide variety. It could be a day at the races, your son or daughters graduation or a formal work dinner, whatever the occasion there is suit we can make specifically for you and your fit.

If you want to wow with a suit which is bold in colour just like this suit with tan trousers, a bright blue check jacket and soft purple shirt. This smart casual combination is well suited to an evening out at a restaurant for those that want to impress on their first date.

The timepiece that would be well fitted to this look is Meistersinger’s Pangaea Automatic watch. The watch is not overcomplicated in design however it is perfectly accented for this type of suit with a single blue hand and brown leather strap. One of the most important factors when wearing a watch as an accessory is making sure that is also goes with your other accessories such as your belt and shoes, therefore this watch would be well suited to brown shoes and a brown belt for a completed look.

If you want a suit that takes your style to the next level then theres no better way to do it than with a bold red waist coat and grey and red check jacket to match. This three piece suit is different yet sophisticated and perfect for a charming man.

The best occasion to wear this type of suit would be a day at the races when your aim is to impress with your style, or perhaps even a day at the office when you want to make a statement with your look.

To accessorise this suit it needs to be an accessory which is more subtle in design as there is already so much colour styled into the outfit. Muhle Glashutte’s 29er Stainless steel timepiece would compliment this suit style well.

This watch features a silver bracelet, black dial and most importantly a single red hand which is an understated match to the suit. This watch has limited complications as a dress watch, its main purpose is of course adding to your attire.

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