The New Year is a time for resolutions, change and self-improvement. Worldwide, countless people are currently getting tough with themselves and imposing fitness regimes, following diets and kicking bad habits for the year ahead. Hemingway Tailors’ Toby Luper says that there is an easier way to refresh oneself for the New Year, however.

A new bespoke or made-to-measure tailored suit is an excellent way to rejuvenate one’s look and an opportunity to ‘feel like a new person for 2014,’ says Toby Luper. ‘After a long year it’s hardly surprising that your wardrobe starts to look and feel a little tired. We all tend to receive socks and underwear for Christmas, but when was the last time you were given something you’d want to wear to a formal occasion or social event?’

Furthermore, the changing seasons will make greater demands of your wardrobe as winter turns into spring, adds Toby. ‘Some people believe that one tailored suit will be enough to take them through the entire year, but this is rarely the case. Just as you’d wear thick jumpers in the winter and light T-shirts in the summer it’s important to invest in tailored suits of different materials and cuts for use in different temperatures.’

‘You might choose to purchase a new, lightweight wool or linen made-to-measure tailored suits to last you through spring and summer, leaving your winter suit in storage until the temperature drops once more.’

‘Instead of searching the January sales for something that might fit you and suit you, it makes sense to avoid the queues and spend your money on something you actually want instead.’

‘I think new tailored suits are as good as a New Year’s resolution if you want to effect a positive change for 2014.’

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