As regular readers of Hemingway Tailors’ blog will be aware, tailored suits are as versatile as garments can get. Men can pair tailored jackets with polo necks, V-necks, shirts or T-shirts to go from casual to smart casual to formal all with one garment. Women’s tailored suits are no exception. In fact, there are probably even more ways for women to wear tailored suits than for men. If you choose to go for the quality of a Hemingway Tailors made-to-measure suit, you’ll be faced with numerous style choices from the very beginning. Choose fabrics, accessories and even the cut of the suit. Trousers or skirt? Side vent, centre vent or no vent? Half-lined or fully-lined trousers? Our tailors will talk you through each of these options until you’re happy with the choices that you’ve made. Once the suit has been made, now you can start dreaming about all the different ways to wear it…

#1: With skinny jeans

If the shape of your tailored suit jacket allows, pair it with skinny jeans and a scoop neck cotton top for an effortless casual look with real style credentials. This look works particularly well if you opted for a lighter coloured suit, or at least not colours as severe as black or dark grey.

#2: Mix masculine and feminine

If your tailored suit is cut in a traditionally masculine shape, adding feminine elements to the outfit is a sure way to spice it up. Add a long necklace or pendant, or experiment with ruffles on your blouse or floral patterns on accessories.

#3: Make a statement

Business suits are often enough of a statement on their own, and many subtle accessories can easily be drowned out by a dark coloured suit. Instead, opt for a single statement piece of jewellery or a handbag to make heads turn.

#4: Choose colour

If you have a neutral coloured tailored suit that you’d like to wear in a more relaxed setting, pairing it with a brightly coloured blouse and matching accessories is one of the easiest ways to add energy to the outfit.

#5: With a pencil dress

Tailored suit jackets look fabulous over flattering pencil dresses. Transform a day dress into an outfit for work simply by adding your tailored jacket over the top of it.

#6: With shorts

Wear your tailored suit and waistcoat with matching shorts for a striking casual outfit. Pair with rugged boots for a distinctive grunge look.

#7: The classic look

Regardless of the colour or pattern of your tailored suit, it’s almost certain that it’ll look stunning when worn with a plain white blouse. Add your own twist to this classic look with eye-catching buttons or a contrasting scarf.

#8: Blouseless?

Many a female celebrity has sported tailored suits with plunging necklines and no visible sign of any other layers underneath. It’s a brave look, particularly for larger busted women, but when pulled off correctly it’s unbeatable. We don’t recommend that you try to mimic Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss and go blouseless at work.

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