While the old saying still rings true, you can now not only tell a lot about a man by his shoes, but also by his suit. And the same goes for women too. No matter who strives to not judge a person at first glance, when one is dressed in a smart, superbly fitted suit, first impressions will always be positive. At Hemingway Tailors, we believe that there is never an excuse to neglect your appearance, and that a little effort can go a long way. That’s why we will always recommend that any suit be tailored specifically to the individual, but here are some other reasons as to why you too should always favour tailored over off the rack...

Material - More often than not, when buying a suit off the rack there’s always something that is not quite to your satisfaction, and while you can keep trying various sizes to eventually get an ‘ok’ fit, the material is probably never quite right. When going through the process of tailoring your suit, one of the first steps is picking the right material. At Hemingway Tailors, we offer a choice of over 1,000 different luxurious clothes and linings, in a variety of textures and colours, so you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice and sure to find a material that takes your fancy.

Fit - Standard shop-bought sizes rarely fit all - if the waist is a good fit, often the legs aren’t, and if the sleeves and a good length, often the breast isn’t. Hemingway Tailors offer a made-to-measure service that will solve any frustrations you may over fitting. Our expert tailors will not only ensure that your bespoke suit fits you perfectly, but they will work to enhance your best features and flatter your frame - whatever your shape or size. A well fitted suit will not go unnoticed.

Cut - Different to the fit, the cut of the suit depicts the style and shape, and bespoke tailoring gives you the opportunity to adapt everything from the buttonholes to hidden pockets. Change the size of your lapels, the width of your trouser leg, the colour of your buttons or the depth of your pockets - whatever you want to add or remove or change on your suit, we can arrange. If you’ve seen a style you like, or even if you’re unsure of what is currently on trend, we can offer you advice and suggestions to help you help us create the most fantastic tailored suit.

Experience - Above the attention you’ll receive, the comfort you’ll feel and the opportunities you could make for yourself in your new suit, the tailoring experience is what will be most memorable. Enjoy luxury treatment, have fun choosing your perfect suit and feel special as we work to your every need to assure you leave feeling spoilt and look sharp.

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