As the weather warms up and the sun threatens to come out and actually stick around, we’re all jumping to switch our winter wardrobes for lighter summer clothing. However, what we often find is that many people fall foul of making the same style mistakes.

After spending months of layering up for the colder weather, we’ve looked at the things you’ll want to avoid to make sure you look your very best all summer long.

Black on black (on black)

Granted the colder months are perfect for those muted outfits featuring blacks and greys and it’s a look which has proven popular over the past couple of years. But now that the sun is out let your outfit reflect it. Brighter and lighter colours not only help to lift your look but they’ll also reflect heat far better than dark colours.

Short shorts

While some people struggle to leave their winter clothing habits behind them, others get a little too carried away. Wearing shorts is all good and well but there’s a fine line where shorts start to look like hot pants. Stick to a pair that falls just above your knees for your own sake and everyone else around you.

Dark socks

The winter often requires a cosy pair of socks, and with most suits being black, navy or grey, chances are most of your socks are similar in colour. Now this is fine for most of the year, but when the summer rolls around the last thing you want is pair of dark socks garishly standing out in your outfit. Instead opt for invisible socks or get yourself some in a lighter colour.

Tight white jeans

Yes we mentioned opting for lighter colours, but as guy, a pair of tight white jeans won’t do you many favours. It’s a look that the wearer might think has them oozing “continental sophistication”, but often leaves them looking like they’re trying too hard.

Too much chest

Understandably it’s hot and you’re wanting to cool down, but there’s nothing classy about unbuttoning half or even all of your shirt, you aren’t Peter Andre and we aren’t still in the 90s. Instead, keep yourself cool by opting for a lighter fabric, such as a poplin, or a short-sleeved shirt.

The same also applies for many vests. If you find yourself on the beach then you’re forgiven, but it really shouldn’t be a look you try to pull off anywhere else unless you’re wearing a shirt over it.


If the sun’s beaming down then it’s time to set aside those oxfords for something a little more weather appropriate. Slide on a pair of loafers or boat shoes which will allow your feet to breathe a little more and are versatile enough for both smart and casual looks.

For those individuals who are eager to throw on their pair of flip flops, please refrain. Yes they’ll let air get to your feet but they’ll rarely cut a pretty sight when you’re out and about. You’re better off leaving them for your holidays or when you’re at home.

Final words

Don’t let your winter clothing habits creep into your summer looks. If you can keep what we’ve mentioned above in mind then you’ll be well on your way to seeing out the summer in style. Remember, there’s a fine line between a classy summer outfit and looking like you’re part of a 90s boyband so choose your clothes while keeping class in mind.

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