We love wintertime here at Hemingway Tailors. The cold weather is an opportunity to layer up, accessorise and really make the most of your wardrobe – gone are the days when the only comfortable garments are loose T-shirts and shorts. In our eyes, the perfect winter item is a made-to-measure coat. A beautiful tailored coat is the perfect accompaniment to your bespoke suit, but is also flexible enough to be worn in countless different ways. Take a look at four of the most common winter coats for men – how should you wear and style your bespoke coat this winter?

Duffle coats

The thick wool and chunky fastenings of a duffel coat make it the perfect comforting winter warmer. Duffel coats are generally considered to be more relaxed and informal than other winter coat styles, and always look great when paired with chunky knitwear – perhaps a roll neck jumper in burgundy or cream. The boxy lines of a duffle coat means it looks great when worn with slim fit trousers – perhaps a pair of chinos in a lighter shade or a pair of slimline jeans. Duffel coats are usually a little too casual to be worn with a suit, but don’t be afraid to accessorise with scarves, hats and gloves – particularly when the weather is very cold.


A classic, ever-popular winter coat, the peacoat is perhaps the most versatile of all cold weather garments. Peacoats can be worn with almost anything, and the slim, tailored lines of the garment make it easy to style. Better yet, the 100% wool construction means it’s warm as toast. Get your peacoat in black or navy – although other colours are available, these two are the most traditional, the most versatile and the easiest to carry off. A good made-to-measure peacoat can be worn over a tailored suit or with more casual garments – a merino wool jumper and a pair of jeans, perhaps. Slightly less casual than a duffle coat, a peacoat always looks good with smart accessories – wear open over a blazer and shirt with brogues for a truly timeless look.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are another item yet to go out of fashion. A truly unisex garment, the trench coat’s long cut and roomy fit makes it ideal for layering over other winter staples. Where the peacoat looks great in darker shades, trench coats are best in paler fabrics. A favourite of businessmen everywhere, a trench coat can be layered over a tailored suit to protect it from the elements while keeping the wearer warm and snug. Get your trench in beige and team with black leather gloves for cool yet practical style. Just a word of warning – don’t buy a leather trench coat unless your name is Neo and you can catch bullets…


Long, heavy and practical, overcoats aren’t as popular today as they once were. However, if you’re looking for something a little different that will really help you to stand out this winter, an overcoat is well worth considering. Overcoats are designed to stave off the worst the winter can throw at you, so they’re practical as well as stylish. Wear yours over a tailored suit, or with more casual garments such as winter woollens. If you want a timeless colour, then always opt for grey. Pile on scarves and wear open if the weather permits for a truly fashionable outfit.

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