So you’ve got the ideal suit for the summer however in order to complete your look you’re going to have to make sure your accessories are also just as fitting as the suit itself. One of the biggest downfalls for men is failing to try different footwear options with their suits. Yes you can keep wearing the same shoes you did through the winter, however the summer months offer a great chance to add a little more character to your look so why not make the most of it and try something different.

We’ve highlighted a few pieces of footwear you can throw on with your suit this summer.


Brogues are often seen as the go-to shoe for the summer. They offer an added element of style with their perforated designs and make for a great option during the transitional weather where warm sunny days can turn too wet and cool evenings. To add to this, brogues can also be worn well beyond the summer and into the colder months as well.

The versatility that brogues offer also makes them a great addition to your wardrobe. They can be worn to achieve formal looks but they can just as easily accompany a smart/casual get up, making them ideal for summer outings with friends or a day at the office.


If you fancy something a little more adventurous then you could adopt a pair of loafers for summer. Loafers offer a great alternative with the weather brightening up as in most cases they’re worn without socks, allowing for a more comfortable option in the hotter weather. Be warned though, although you might be wearing them without socks your feet are still likely to work up a bit of a sweat so be sure they’re made from a high quality leather. Cheaper materials will ruin easily and only create a pungent smell. Alternatively, you can wear ‘invisible socks’ to protect your feet from sweating while leaving the ankle bare.

A real benefit of purchasing a pair of loafers is their ability to accommodate for both casual and formal looks equally well. When it comes to wearing them with a suit (whether you’re going smart or more casual) we’d recommend you ensure the trousers don’t fall too far low and sag over the loafers, wearing tapered trousers can help to prevent this. On the other hand, if you intend on baring your ankles then be sure to get the gap between your loafers and ankles just right, show too much and your trousers will be sure to look like they’re too small for you.

Both brogues and loafers should be kept to neutral tones and in lighter shades where possible for formal looks. Sandy and stone coloured tones (such as browns and greys) are an ideal choice for summer.


Wearing trainers with a suit is an area which divides many people. It’s a look which people tend to either love or hate but if you can pull it off then it’s certainly worth attempting for the summer. However, before you do delve too deep into throwing on trainers with your suit you need to ensure you pick the right type. We’d recommend you steer clear of trainers which go beyond the ankle, instead opting for low trainers that aren’t too bold in their design (crisp white trainers are ideal for the summer).

While for the most part trainers create a casual look, they can on the rare occasion offer a more comfortable option for busy days at work where you might find yourself rushing around and on your feet for most of the day.

Regardless of what footwear you go for you want to ensure your trousers are well fitted to suit each type. At Hemingway we place an onus on delivering suits which provide the best possible fit to our clients so if you want to look your very best this summer then be sure to get in touch.

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