With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead at what 2018 has in store for us on the styling front. We’ve seen a number of trends emerge from recent fashion events which have showcased style for 2018 and we’ve looked at what they could mean for when you suit up next year.

Crayon coloured suits

One of the main trends to emerge has been the wide variety of colours which suits have appeared in at recent fashion shows. While blacks, greys and blues have long been staple suit colours, and the likes of burgundy and bottle green suits have become increasingly popular, it’s rare to see many people opt for a colour aside of these, bar the occasional eccentric dresser or fashion influencer of course.

However, designers such as Tom Ford have been showcasing suits in a range of hues. The trend is being labelled as “crayon colours” (or Crayola-box colours) in reference to the array of tones. While this could open the door to experimenting with a whole host of different fabrics, it should still be noted that even a trend is best served for certain situations. By this we mean don’t try wearing a pastel purple shade suit to an important meeting! Keep your look within context, and a suit in a colour that steps away from the norm will serve you better if it’s worn for a social outing instead.

It's an exciting trends and if it comes to fruition then we’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing how people make it work for them.

Vertical striped fabrics

Vertical stripes have been showcased in a whole host of styles by the likes of Versace and Haider Ackermann. It was interesting to see so many of them being combined with suits, something that could see striped (and more specifically pinstriped) fabrics lead the way as the favoured choice of fabric for 2018.

The appeal of pin striped suits is fairly evident. They’ve become synonymous with power dressing as many high-flying professionals often make them their suit of choice for their workwear. In addition to this, a large plus point (albeit a somewhat debatable one) of a vertical striped suit, is in that they are the most forgiving for any body shape. They look great on most body shapes irrespective of how broad or slim the individual is.

We’ll have to wait and see just how popular the pin stripe is in 2018 but it’s certainly a look to keep in mind.

Dressing like a dad

Sounds like a trend that’s very much open to interpretation right? Well not exactly. The fatherly looks here are referred to as the stereotypical look we’re used to. Think less what your dad actually wore and more down the lines of simple sweaters, light wash jeans and blazers.

While this combination itself might be as casual as it gets, it can be altered to create a smarter outfit. Switch out the jeans for trousers or even chinos and you’ve got yourself a look that could work just as well for social outings as it could in the office (if your office culture allows it).

Final words

So there we have a few trends that you’ll want to keep in mind as 2018 rolls around. Remember, if there are looks you aren’t certain about then feel free to experiment a little and see what works, we believe that looking good should also make you feel good, so being comfortable in what you’re wearing is paramount.

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