While London fashion week regularly throws up a plethora of fashion for the viewing public, it probably also leaves a large number of them wondering how practical any of the clothing items will ever be to them. While the over the top nature of the many varying looks on show might not be suited to every day wear, there are clear elements that can be used to gauge trends for the upcoming season.
We’ve highlighted some of the trends which emerged from the Autumn/Winter 2017 show and looked at how they can be adapted for smarter everyday looks through the course of this year.

Socks and sandals

An interesting look which cropped up on the catwalk was socks with sandals. Now for many this might be considered a faux pas of sorts, but the beauty with fashion is that it’s ever evolving. We’ll have to wait and see if people really take to this as the year progresses.
It’s a talking point which reminded us of the good old loafers with or without socks debate. While there isn’t a set way of wearing your loafers, more fashion forward folk tend to steer towards going with bare feet. However, it’ll be interesting to see if an uptake in socks and sandals will deem socks and loafers also widely accepted.

Polo necks

We saw polo neck sweaters really take off in 2016 and they look set to be sticking around this year. Throwing on a polo neck sweat with a blazer can make for a clean and cosy outfit for those colder months. You might remember GQ’s best dressed male of the year, Zayn, being pictured in a fair few polo neck sweaters worn under a double-breasted blazer. His black on black ensemble was one of his key looks from 2016 and there’s no reason why you can’t continue the trend in 2017.
Polo necks are also great for women who want a warmer outfit. They can be thrown on alongside chinos or even a skirt for a more feminine touch. There’s also the option to opt for an oversized roll neck sweater which will allow for it to be easily worn as a top layer and provide a more casual look.


Tweed has grown in popularity over the past few years which has seen it being worn by a wider demographic and its appearance at London Fashion Week looks set to fuel its growth. However judging by the fabrics featured on the catwalk, there could be a greater onus placed on tweed garments which have a bolder design.
This is probably the most straight forward trend to incorporate into formal looks however wearing a full tweed suit featuring a heavy pattern might not be the look you’re after or might not be suited for certain events. The alternative to this is to team up a boldly patterned tweed blazer with muted trousers/chinos.

Shirt tails sticking out under jumpers

Another look which could be making its mark in 2017 is long shirt tails being left hanging out from under jumpers. We know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t sound like it’d fit in a formal environment, and you’re right. But it could make for the perfect solution for those occasions when you’re in need of transitioning from a smart look to a smart/casual appearance. A prime example of this is going for after work drinks. Simply untucking your shirt and leaving the tail on show can help to achieve a relaxed look which once in vogue won’t look messy.
So there are 4 Fashion Week trends which you can adopt into your looks for day to day wear and special occasions and should help to keep you dressed in style for 2017.

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