We’re excited to bring you our new line of shirts featuring INDUO®’s stain and perspiration resistant fabric. As the UK’s first tailor to use this material, you’ll now be able to continue looking your very best without the worry of careless spillages or perspiration ruining your clothes again.

The patented technology behind INDUO®’s fabric came to fruition after 2 years of intensive research at the European Center of Innovative Technology (ECTI). Its makeup is defined by 2 key properties, repellency and breathability. Its repellant nature ensures liquids aren’t absorbed by the fabric, while the breathability aspect helps the cotton disperse perspiration to prevent underarm rings and the odours often associated with them. The culmination of these 2 qualities ensures a shirt which will effortlessly keep you looking and feeling good in virtually any environment.

View the video below to fully appreciate the fabric's qualities.

While the material provides extraordinary results in regards to repelling liquids, it manages to also maintain the look and feel of a traditional fabric. This is something which was crucial in our choice since we’ve long been advocates of shirts being made from quality fabrics.

So with it being easy on the eye, soft on touch, and unrelenting in battling liquids, it’s a shirt that is ideal for any situation. Whether that be for work and avoiding sweat rings after a hectic morning commute, board meeting or crucial presentation; travelling to hotter climates or for leisure and those social gatherings where you needn’t worry about a drink being spilt on you.

INDUO®’s technological advancements and Hemingway’s traditions in tailoring are bringing you shirts that are fit for you and the busy life you lead.

The shirts will initially be available in white and for made to order and bespoke purchases with prices starting from £195. We have plans to extend our offering to more colours and ready to wear shirts in due course.

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