It’s a trend that has been trying its hardest to enter the world of fashion for some time, and it would seem that it’s finally forced its way in. The short suit is something perhaps only the bravest men will attempt to pull off, but if done correctly this latest trend can not only look good, but can be quite practical too. A number of popular retailers have already started introducing the short suit into their ranges, so we’re soon likely to see them on a regular basis.

The short suit – a suit that includes shorts instead of trousers – can be difficult to pull off, both because it can look peculiar unless you wear the right footwear and because we are simply not yet used to the idea. We’re only just becoming comfortable with the idea of shorts actually being fashionable for men of a certain age, so suddenly pairing them with a tailored suit is a lot to take in. Most men are likely to wear their short suits with smart brogues or boat shoes, as although you might be tempted to wear flip-flops with shorts, you must bear in mind it is still a suit. Would you ever wear flip-flops with a full suit?

If you’re keen to the give the short suit look a try, it is important that you still have your jacket tailored in order for it to look smart and chic, rather than shabby. Shorts can be tailored just as easily as trousers, and the shorts of a short suit must be the correct length – your tailor will see to that. We can create a bespoke or made-to-measure short suit unique for you or if you’re yet to invest in an everyday tailored suit, we can start from there. Get in touch with one of our professional tailors today to book your first appointment.

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