If proof were ever needed of how much a sharp tailored suit can change someone’s look, it was seen this week during Ed Sheeran’s appearance on the X Factor. Stepping away from his trademark hoodie and jeans combo, he performed on stage in a slick waistcoat and tailored trousers.

His trademark relaxed style carried through to this smartened-up look, however, as the outfit had no blazer or jacket to go with the waistcoat and clean-lined shirt. This is probably just as well, as we can imagine playing the guitar must be a little tricky in a suit jacket – not that anyone ever told The Drifters. Rolled-up sleeves revealed some of his trademark tattoos as the singer performed the UK TV premiere of new single ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

The self-made singer is well known for his pared-back street style, but he explained to presenter Dermot O’Leary that he ‘wanted to try something different’, and that the suit was his choice. Sheeran managed to make the relaxed two-piece work well, the waistcoat making up for a jacket and tie with its classic lines, while his own style was reflected in the rolled-up sleeves and open collar of the shirt.

For anyone thinking about changing their style, there is nothing more empowering than slipping into a tailored suit made just for you. We can imagine Sheeran has a team of people helping to source his clothes, even if he makes the final wardrobe decisions himself. However, you can feel like a star too with a bespoke handmade suit from Hemingway Tailors of Leeds. Simply contact us today to make an appointment to discuss your style requirements and get the VI

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