A beautiful made-to-measure or bespoke tailored suit ought to be a steadfast element of every man’s wardrobe, but don’t go thinking that your favourite suit will become a set-in-stone piece of formalwear. A good suit can be an extremely flexible outfit, and a few cosmetic tweaks here and there can transform your look in an instant. With these seven accessories you can have a different look for every day of the week!

Slim tie

Anyone who owns a tailored suit will doubtless also have access to a number of standard ties and bowties, but if you’re seeking a slightly different look than your average formalwear then a skinny tie might be the best option. These mod-style ties are best with slim-fitting, sharply tailored suits and make for a more informal look than the standard or bowtie.


Sticking with the more informal theme, it’s remarkable how a pair of sunglasses can transform a tailored suit. Sunglasses and suits exude cool, but consider losing your tie and un-tucking your shirt if you want to commit to the casual look. Warning: never wear sunglasses indoors or when it isn’t sunny if you want to retain your credibility!


Switching to the more formal side of formalwear, now, and the much-maligned waistcoat. A well-fitted waistcoat will help to transform your favourite suit into a completely new look, but be careful which example you opt for. Try to choose a subtly patterned waistcoat to pair with your jacket, but don’t opt for anything too loud. Of course, a well made tailored waistcoat can even be worn without your suit jacket to create a different look entirely.

Pocket square

The pocket square has fallen out of use in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be the man to resurrect it! We have a feeling that the pocket square will leap back to prominence this year, so choose a handkerchief in your favourite pattern and give your suit a new lease of life.

Statement brogues

Most smart shoes designed to be worn with a tailored suit are fairly muted items, often in plain colours and understated designs. If you’re seeking a new look for your tailored suit, however, pick a pair of statement brogues to draw the eye and add flair to your look. Coloured uppers, coloured soles or elaborate brogueing can enhance the subtle tailoring of a made-to-measure suit from the ground up.

Statement shirt

Just like a pair of statement shoes, a good shirt can be used to change your look and transform your suit from an everyday formal item into a more elaborate outfit. You could elect to wear a bold colour or a loud pattern, but if you’re not sure whether you should commit to such a brave look just yet, try an understated paisley and go from there.

Statement hat

The final accoutrement to transform your suit is a statement hat. For years gentleman used to match their suits with an appropriate choice of hat, but in recent year’s haberdashers’ wares haven’t proven quite so popular. Hats are coming back, however, so consider making a statement with a trilby, fedora or panama. Your look will be transformed in a heartbeat!

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